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    Unemployment of Youth.

    As we all know the government is increasing its revenue sources very fastly by imposing certain type of taxes, Our government is earning in huge amount by imposition of service taxes. No doubt the technology is growing very fastly in India. Big building like malls , hospitals with modern technology are developing but what about the youth of India. They still are unemployed after having a list of degrees in their hand. Majorly professionals are exploited in Punjab like chartered accountants, advocates, teachers and mostly among them are the females. Why this is so?. I want to ask this question from my India through this medium. Parents save money for whole life so that they should educate their children so that they should not remain unemployed like them and should get a white collar job with impressive salary but when these talented children go out to get job in certain parts of India, they get nothing except exploitation . Managers or the owners of company or firm just uses them for their need and interest. It is such a sad topic about our India. why youth suffers inspite of good and sound knowledge and degrees.
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    Job is the way to get engaged and get some salary for that. First of all understand who can provide a job. There are two sources of getting job either from a Government sector or from a private sector. Now the question is ( can it be possible to provide 100 Crore people job). The answer will simply no. So there is need to improve self employment, like agriculture, small scale industries, small factories, etc.
    Although our society , neighbor expect the youth should get a job then only he get certificate of settled person. That mind set force youths not to start own profession, or else there is huge scope of earning source from various sources by manufacturing, providing service to people and earn money.
    Do not blame Government for unemployment, just confident on your self and try to analyze in which sector you can perform well, whether you can do farming at your village or locality, can drive a taxi to make money, can you open a shop. Then search for resources like place, money etc.

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    Frankly, I do not think there is unemployment as it was some decades ago. The problem today is more of not employed as per one's expectations. That is mainly due to the demand-supply mismatch.

    In the last ten-fifteen years hundreds of educational institutions including those giving professional courses were opened Suddenly there became more seats than the really eligible and really interested students. So anyone and everyone got admission and only very few came out with real skill acquired. The employment market was flooded with graduates and postgraduates 'unemployable' by the industry. Hence a large number of them have to be contented with jobs not as per their education and salaries not as per their expectation.

    That is not unemployment, but under-employment. The solution is to regulate the mushrooming of institutions without proper infrastructure and standards. The test and examinations for filtering the real apt student for admission and similarly for graduating should be properly conducted and monitored.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    As far as taxes collected by the Government are concerned, a large chunk of the same if spent on subsidizing fertilizers, kerosene, LPG, etc. and on other welfare measures for the weaker section of the societies.
    The collected taxes cannot be distributed in the form of doles to the unemployed individuals. As far as Punjab is concerned, recently so much was revealed in the movie Udta Punjab.
    The employers in private sector are not charity organizations. They employ only those individuals who can contribute toward multiplying their profit. In case the individual is competent to earn for their employer, then they get back a fraction of the earnings as their salary.
    There is no meaning of any graduate or postgraduate degree. The employees should be competent enough to earn for their employers.
    No CA is ever unemployed as in such case the individual has to do extra ordinary hard work to clear the examination. On the other hand B.Tech. and MBA like degree holders are available dime a dozen.
    They remain unemployed because they have not put in adequate efforts to receive quality education and are therefore incompetent.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @ Kailash Kuamr as you have given example that no CA is unemployed, you must be knowing that they are the sole decision maker about the number of CA passed out every year. as there is less number of CA available in India then why there will be unemployment. But still I have seen many CA even after passout for 5-6 year, they struggle to get a client.
    previously people were not study higher course for which they do not feel themselves as unemployed, now the mind set has changed as they have spent lakhs of rupees on tehir education, and if they do not get a job then they think that they are unemployed.

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    Swagatika - CA was cited as an example only as it is one of the toughest career options which require outstanding hard work. My point was that without doing hard work, it is difficult to get proper gainful employment.
    Many people though complete CA due to dint of their hard work, but don't want to move to happening places. Only such CA's struggle to get clients.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with the author that when it comes to employment, not everyone is blessed with impressive job or salary. On seeing the plight of the family and demand of the times. some times we have to agree for the under employed job just to pull on the family from near drought. I do agree that those who are highly qualified, working with lesser professionals would be catch 22 situation and they are wholesomely exploited. So if you do not have push or pull in the society such under placements are going to happen and one has to silently accept it.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    kailask kumar ji. I respect your explanation but the thing is that after spending heavy amount on your studies and devoting so much precious years of your life for attaining sound knowledge, still you have to go out from your city to get rewarded from professional courses. you have to move to some happening place to get rewarded. This is the drawback i am talking about. And one thing you said that the private organisations are not charity organisations . When a new fresh candidate go outside and joins a company , He or she expects a lot that he would learn practical implementation of his or her studies. But no one takes interest in this. They just want experienced persons and thinks a wastage of time to welcome and guide new freshers. So this all process becomes the fate of the youth employment. Thats it. Thanks

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    And very well said as udta punjab has already revealed everything about our punjab to everyone . you must all have seen the movie and see how the youth is harassesd and exploited

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    Heavy expenditure on education is not required in case the students are able to get admission in premier Government institutions e.g. in the field of engineering IITs are world class institutions. Such students never remain unemployed. Problem arises only when the students don't do hard work and tend to enjoy the college life.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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