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    Why only facebook profile advertisements coming under Infolinks text ads?

    when ever I visit this forum section, who ever have activated the infolink advertisements, I am seeing only facebook profile advertisements. With any key word, whether it is money, help, education, school, with every keyword only one advertisement is coming. Is it because infolinks does not have lot many advertisers in India, or they do not have strong key word based advertisements like Google adsense.
    Do I have any option to stop viewing these text ads while surfing ISC?
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    Not only Facebook, there are several company's ads also appear in infolink. However, as Facebook pays more revenue for ads so in most of the time Facebook ads appearing in infolink links.

    Compared to other Adsense services infolink pays very less pay-per-click revenue in India. I don't know how it pays in US and other countries.

    Infolinks are activated by the authors of ISC. You can't deactivate or stop viewing their links.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Yes it is really annoying to see Facebook ad appearing from three sides and closing it on typing area. One of the member who has activated his Infolinks and when ever I want to respond to his thread, the Facebook ads from the left, from the right and from the bottom closes in to such an extent that I am unable to write the content in the box provided for. Such a disturbance should not occur. Moreover even if I click the cross button to disappear the ads, it would come once again and that causes much irritation and annoying. Ads may be must but that should not annoy the users.
    K Mohan
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    #571646 - Who is the user? Perhaps the individual who clicks on the advertisements and thus enables the website to earn some revenue, is the real user. We are members of ISC and not users. The members have been provided this platform free of charge to post contents. Therefore it appears that the interests of the users will have to be given precedence over the interests of the members.
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    I think K Mohan used the word 'users' with reference to us members only, who are using this site in the sense of responding in forum threads. He is right actually, that the excess Infolinks ads are a nuisance & interfere in reading and replying in a thread. The members who have such excessive ads displayed on their pages are sent messages to alert them to Tony Sir's instructions of limiting the ad units. If they ignore the message & do not abide by those instructions, then the Webmasters are informed and subsequently the Webmasters from the back office disable those ads.

    Those who are not aware, please read: Infolinks policy change. If any of you see such excessive ads, please let us know. You can send a message to one of the forum editors and they will inform the Webmasters about it.

    Managing Editor,

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    Kailasji, I do not know about you, but most of the members here have their own Google AdSense and infolinks accounts. They have activated it in their ISC profile as part of the revenue sharing programme. Even I have them activated.

    Seems you have no such accounts, and do not seem to have an idea about them. In such cases, it is advisable not to make vague comments as they can misguide the members.

    And please note that if I have placed an ad on my profile ( or for that matter on my personal blog), I will not earn anything if I click on it myself. In fact, that would be penalised. If I have to earn, someone else has to click on my ads. I remember having pointed out this difference sometime ago, but looks like our members have the tendency of overlooking other's comments.

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    Vandana (#571729) - The kind of ads mentioned by Mohan Ji in his response #571646 are sometimes appearing on my pages also. On the 'Revenue Sharing Settings' page option 'Webmaster's Inline Text ads may be displayed in my pages' is checked. I don't remember having checked it myself anytime in the past. Is it OK or should I check the 'Do not show any Inline Text Ads in my pages' instead?
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    Mr. Kailash Kumar,

    Have you opened an Infolinks account? Then you do have the option to show one type of ad unit as per Tony Sir's instructions. Otherwise, the option of 'Webmaster's Inline Text ads may be displayed in my pages' is checked-marked as this is already in place automatically. If you do not want the ads to show at all, whether or not you have an account, you can select the option of not having the inline text ads displayed.

    You can go through the article to which I gave a link above, wherein I have mentioned in a response that those having Google Adsense have found that their earnings dropped on placing Infolinks ads too & hence they discontinued the Infolinks ads' display.

    So it is entirely your choice what you wish to opt for.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thank you Vandana. I don't remember having opened/activated my Infolinks account. Now I will disable the feature by selecting the other option.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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