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    Why students prefer to join Engineering ?

    Almost all the students in India prefer to get an Engineering degree compared to other professional degrees. As per the current status, half of the engineers in India are unemployed but still the future generation students are also dying to be an engineering graduate. Some people are passionate towards engineering and many people are doing Engineering just for name sake.

    Why Engineering is preferred very much and is that degree worth compared to other professional degree in India?
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    There are several reasons, the main being the herd mentality. Also it is possible to get admission in an engineering college easily. As a matter of fact many engineering seats remain vacant nowadays. Earlier after completing 10+2, the students used to join one of the stream among science, commerce or arts to complete B.Sc. , B.Com. or B.A respectively according to their capacity of doing hard work and aptitude.
    Nowadays, B.Tech. has replaced all graduation degrees. The other available options like medical education is very tough. Only outstanding students are able to secure admission in a Government medical college which may be affordable and medical education in a private medical college is beyond the reach of a common man/student.
    The mushroom growth of private engineering colleges have provided an avenue to all and sundry for getting admitted in B.Tech. course. Admissions are possible through SMS also provided the student has ability to pay the fees.

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    Well, these are some reasons why students are preferring engineering these days. First, there are a lot of engineering colleges. I started my B.Tech degree three years back. EAMCET (engineering entrance exam for Andhra Pradesh state) is for 160 marks. The student who scored just 6/160 was also given a rank. As a seat is guaranteed in engineering, students prefer it. Also, chance of getting a job is high for a student with engineering degree when compared to a student with any other degree (except medical degree). Also, it is very hard to get a seat in a medical colleges due to the less number of medical colleges and high amount of fees for non government medical colleges. In my opinion, engineering degree is worthy when compared to other such degrees due to the fields it covers.

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    It have various reasons like easy to take admissions in engg. college and also mentality of people.

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    This question has been asked several times in this forum and my answer is that we have the habit of following others and listening to others advise. If children of other relatives and friends are pursuing Engineering , every other person in the family also follows the same. Never ever the interest of the student and his like was sought. So when the demand is less and supply is more, naturally there would be chaos. Same is happening with Engineering. In every family or their group, there are so many engineers but only few are blessed with good jobs and others are under employed.
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    We all follow the easy norms and so is the case with the students - community. In the yesteryears, to take admission in the Engineering college was difficult due to the first reason being less number of Engineering - colleges and secondly the aspirants had to face a stiff - tests conducted by different institutes making difficult for entry for incompetent students. Even the quality of teaching in such colleges were of superior quality making the aspirants well versed in the streams which they persued in course of their studies.
    With the progress of time, there has been relaxations of all sorts norms and so many Engineering colleges have been generated ignoring the essential standards resulting in mushrooming of such colleges in almost all the towns in our country. The Industries don't need such numbers of Engineers to be accommodated. Such imbalances has led to unemployment of the youths acquiring this Engineering - degrees. The Govenment should take a firm stand to close all such colleges being run on sheer commercial scale and at the same time, due care has to be exercised to generate employment within the industrial sectors to take care of the alarming unemployment.

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