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    Who is teh real convict for this casting couch?

    As we all know that women are being used as a product in every country, whether it is a western country ( with full of modernization) or Arabic country ( with full of old traditions).
    Now come to my point as in Bollywood the word casting couch is being used now days. Now days some actress are raising there voice against some producer, actor, director that they have been offered a role but they have got proposals to compromise for that.
    There might three types of incident happening.
    1st- The person might deny the proposal.
    2nd- The person agree but after compromising did not get role.
    3rd- The person compromised and get a role.

    in 1st scene - who offer is a bad person, in 3rd scene both get silent as both had individual benefits.
    But in 2nd case whom should you blame? I blame the person who agree with compromise because he/she need something for which he/she compromising , it means it was not forcefully, but when the promise did not fulfill then they file a case of rape or sexual harashment.
    what is your opinion about this 2nd scene.
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    It is patently a case of crime and appropriate action should be taken against the individual as per law. However, there is one more aspect associated with the scenario. The individual gave consent at the time the incidence happened. Then do it constitute a rape case or simply a breach of contract or a cheating case. We have to examine this issue legally without being emotional or sentimental about the gender issues.
    In the third case, the unwritten contract clicked, so there was no complaint. In the first case, the individual denied so nothing happened. Had the individual in the first scenario forced himself on the role seeker, then perhaps it would have constituted a rape case.

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    The actual meaning of casting couch is an offer or proposes by a new employee or a person looking for instant celebrity in any field/sector to his/her superior. However, the actual meaning of casting couch is now completely differs and redirects to sexual offering. Casting couch can be an offer made by a model or new artist/actress to the producer, director, actor for his/her betterment in his/her role.

    We can't target a person as a convict and other one not. This is because; as we know everything is fair in love and war. Many actresses in Indian cinema found themselves jingling and complaining against some producer/director and after winning the movie in blockbuster they're working together and making several hits later. Another motive against this casting couch may be highlighting themselves in media and prompting the movie and banner indirectly.

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    For that matter those who opt for acting, they must be ready for any compromise to be in the race or otherwise they would be left in the middle. We all know that glamour world of cinema is looking for beauty, curves in the body and above all to act in all compromising position. If a actress wont agree for steamy scenes and like that, she would be discarded and not cared in future films. There are so many actress who were strict in their profession and faced the natural block out of their appearance in other films. So intelligent are those who knows this trick.
    K Mohan
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