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    A peculiar profile page

    While viewing profile pages and contribution pages of ISC members, I came across one peculiar one today. I saw a profile page in which it is displayed that the member has 384 points but in that member's contribution page, it is displayed that the member has 2030 points. Here are the links to the member's profile and contribution pages.
    Profile Page
    Contribution Page

    Generally, there will be a small difference in points but this is huge. How is this possible?
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    I'm curious about this myself. Not that I even noticed ISC has a point system of any sort.

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    The reason is Hermes might not have used the 're-calculate button' in ages. The points on the score board are the current points & the points on the profile page are the points when Hermes used the 're-calculate button' last time.

    Even my points on the profile page & on the score board do not tally. There is a huge difference of around 4600 points.

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    We should always give credence to the score , points which is mentioned in the contributions page and not the profile page. The latest earned points add up to the contribution page only.
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    Gypsy - How often the recalculate feature should be used? Is it OK to use it several times daily after each login or it should be used sparingly only say once in a weak or so.
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    It is a personal kinda thing. Like, the points do not matter to me, so I don't re-calculate the points every time I log in here & do not even recalculate my earnings here either. There may be some members for whom the points and the earnings matter, they may be doing it every time they log in here.

    As, the ranks change on every Sunday, so the best practice would be to recalculate the points every Sunday. Of course, there may be a chance that someone may be approaching a personal milestone, like just a point or two short of getting the diamond or platnum level, then he/she may do it in between too, that is what I personally feel.

    No hard & fast rule for doing that. So, to each his own!

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    We are at liberty to use the 'Recalculate my points'& 'Recalculate my earning' button once in each login. There is no restriction or limitation to use this feature. Many senior members do not use this feature because of fear of losing their member level due to their limited contribution, not meeting the point requirement to retain their member level.
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    I remember having read an advice from ME to not to use recalculate feature frequently. Because of that reason only, I raised above query.
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