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    Do you overhear others conversation in public transport?

    I regularly avail public transports. I use Delhi Metro and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus everyday. Generally during long journey and if I am fortunate enough to get a seat, I read a book (I always have books with me in my bag). However sometime I listen to conversations going on between others.
    Once in Delhi Metro, I overheard a very interesting and informative discussion between two Civil Services aspirants regarding the ways to crack General Studies paper of Civil Service Examination. During the engrossing discussion continued over thirty minutes, these two young men discussed the General Studies paper threadbare section by section. I sincerely hope both the young men have cleared the most coveted examination by now.
    Day before yesterday I overheard the conversation between two ladies, one middle-aged and one young, in a DTC bus. The middle-aged lady explained the younger one the different ways of bargaining in different markets in Delhi. According to her, the technique of bargaining is different in Sarojini Nagar market than the technique to be employed in Lajpat Nagar market or Karol Bagh market. I also tried to learn such techniques from the lady and I hope to apply these when I would visit these markets.
    Do other Members overhear such interesting conversation in public transport?
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    Well some times we are forced to hear the conversation between the two not only in public transport but elsewhere when the crowd is more and we are also waiting. One of my friend who is doing real estate business was having tea with me in a hotel and two persons were talking about purchasing a land or home in that area. Having heard about their requirement, my friend volunteered and put forth the proposals he had in his hand in that area. Having got interested those two persons accompanied us and saw the properties and got interested in one of them. They immediately called other family members and decided the fact within one hour. Thus a property was sold in just one hour on over hearing the conversation. But some times talking bad about others are also vent in high voice for which we should not give credence. Because criticizing others should not be our criteria.
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    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Can't help. We are forced to listen. There is no 'Maintain silence" board in a public transport to stop anyone conversing. All cannot put a headphone and listen to the music. All cannot read books during the journey in a jerking transport. Our ears cannot be blocked with cotton. Our ears cannot be ordered not to listen to others conversation.

    We should listen it - Take the good useful conversation and ignore the useless/meaningless conversations.

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    During long train journeys, conversations used to be the best time pass in the olden days when there were no smart phones to kill time by playing games. Though even during those days, there used to be certain snobbish passengers equipped with their English (or vernacular) news papers and magazines/paperback editions of best sellers bought at the A. H. Wheeler or Higginbothams book stall at the railway platform ( platform number 1 only at smaller railway stations), gossiping was most popular among people.
    Many people used to be active participants in the debates about the lack of understanding among the world leaders regarding world issues and there used to be many passive participants also. They were not eavesdroppers as such, but used to enjoy the conversation of active debaters and thus pass their journey time.
    Many people used to forge new relationships, find matrimonial matches and even strike a business deals during such occasions.
    However one should be cautious while dabbling in such conversations by not revealing personal particularly financial information.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    While travelling in the Public transport, we are coming across several passengers indulging in the various topics including the political ones. Such discussions amuse us many of the times because of the forceful speech made by the participants. Of course, the entire conversation may be lively and informative and I try my best to extract the most valuable informations to be utilised later on in my subsequent conversation with my acquaintences. However the other aspect of such discussion may be boring and distracting. As a result of such discussion, heated exchange of words develop poisioning the entire atmosphere. Then there are some young enthusiasts taking interest in the current affairs and their forceful discussions would reveal their participations in the IAS examination and further bondage of the relationships may develop with such ongoing discussions. Sometimes, such relationship turns to be a permanent one.

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    This may not be calling as overhearing but the same fallen into my ears one time when we, I and my wife,moved to coimbatore from Chennai. A couple who were sitting by our side talking themselves as to eat tiffin outside in the way as not to disturb the people where they are going to stay.It made something in me so, I told them instead of thinking that they are making disturbance to them, it is better avoid going to their house. They shocked. To our surprise, they got seat in the train also adjacent to us. That time that old lady asked why I told so. I explained,'madam, we are going to our relative's house only by thinking them as relative and we should never think them as alien and we are disturbing them, it is India, no people think the relatives as disturbance even paying surprise visit. I am going to my cousin brother's house only (he is not my own brother too) but they will be waiting for us to have dinner. So, we never feel hesitation to visit the relatives house as all our relatives are like this and we also never hesitate to invite relatives to our house even at midnight. If you happen to feel their inconvenience on any occasion, you should not go to their house at all.' By hearing this, the husband of that lady told me what I told is correct. Like this we can have some good points and some points to correct ourselves by overhearing such conversation.

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    Overhearing as exactly the word stands is not something I will indulge in. I never pay attention to what my co passengers are doing as that would be equivalent to trespassing into their private zone.

    But, yes - you are made to hear a few conversations if the persons concerned have a louder voice. Well, if they are discussing something practical or useful ( as the incidents in the first post in this thread indicated), that would indeed be a great luck to learn new things. But, sadly enough, more often than not - what we get to hear is bad mouthing about others. Criticisms about a colleague or the bosses is another common topic I am forced to overhear. Those talks can indeed be a disturbance.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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