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    Why judges give less points to those performers who are good as per public judgement ?

    There are series of programs of reality shows to adjudge best among the singers, dancers , comedians and so on. I have often found that judges sitting at the program are overlooking the best performers and giving less points or marks to them. We who are sitting at the home and watching the program would rate the performer as the best, but judges send them with lesser points and thus they loose the interest in middle. Are they doing deliberately or is their any bench mark to decide the performers to the core ? Moreover some judges wont have the taste of good judging and they are made to sit there to give comments and points ?
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    The judges of the reality shows are also actors and work for earning money only. Their actions should not be compared with the actions taken by the judges who decide legal cases in the courts of law.
    Generally the key persons of the channels decide and prepare the script according to the TRP potential. Sometimes some dramatic and emotional scenes are also thrown in the episodes to increase TRP.
    I generally watch the music and dance related reality shows and therefore have noticed that often the most worthy performer is not declared the winner.
    There may be another aspect also. The general viewers may not be evaluating the performances strictly according to rules and instructions of the program. There may be regional and such other kind of biases in the judgement of the audience. Moreover they are not supposed to know the technical aspects of the various music and dance forms.
    Sometimes the judges use their knowledge and experience in eliminating the participants on technicalities so as to deprive them of their dues.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For example Kiron Kher as judge in India Got Talent would never allow persons with a talent of unusual performer and summarily reject them on their face. That is bad.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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