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    General topic for gd's for wider participation

    The recently concluded active gd titled "Should Delhi be an independent state?Should Dexit follow Brexit" was a very interesting topic and had a lot of responses from the participating members.The responses were very good but the number of participants was less according to the organising editor.As a participant,even I did not know many facts about this issue and searched a lot on the internet to put forward my arguments on the topic.
    It is my view that the topic helped me gain a lot of knowledge by reading all the responses too.My point is just that if a more general topic of dicussion is chosen which is understood by all then it may invoke more members ro respond to the gd.
    Taking the example of threads raised by Ms Juana , her threads involve a simple topic which can be discussed by many members of all knowledge levels,thus invoking more responses in her forum threads.Hoping for more gd's in the future..
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    You are right Ms. AR. What we discussed was politics in a particular area. Only the people from that area must be knowing it better as to what would be better. I too say that the topic chosen for Active GD should be a common subject that can be discussed by the intelligent lot of ISC. I have seen many such Active GDs receiving responses beyond 150. ISC editors lack in selecting the right topics for the Active GD.
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    Here are a few interesting topics,Mr Sun
    Influence of Social Media on our lives
    Mobile phones / Internet – a boon or nuisance.
    Is whatsapp killing minds.
    Does Internet Promote democracy?
    Is management an art or science
    e-commerce & m-commerce
    Is computerization causing unemployment.
    Should internet be censored.
    Effects of computers on our society
    Should tablets replace text books.
    Is Technology an Obsession or a disorder?
    Mall shopping, street shopping or online shopping- which is better?
    cloning of humans-is it ethical.
    coke and Pepsi should be driven out of India.
    Banning beef : Is it justified?
    English should be declared as a national language :p
    Will Swachh Bharat Campaign Succeed?
    Will India become superpower by 2025?
    Education in India compared to Foreign nations.
    Increasing no. of Engg. Colleges is a boon to society.
    Privatization of higher education.
    Co-education good or bad.
    Do we need education to become successful.
    Educational qualification for Politicians.
    Education industry is a business these days.
    should we change our national game.
    Is T-20 killing real cricketing skills.
    Has cricket lost its essence?
    What ails Indian sports?
    Women empowerment-how best achieve it?
    Reservation for women would help the society.
    Necessity of Women Quota Bill for Women Empowerment.
    Housewife vs working women.
    Eve-teasing : who is responsible?
    Water resources should be nationalized
    Animals should not be dissected for academic purposes.
    Rules are made to be broken..
    Is globalization really necessary Should School Bus Staff Be Sacked For Chewing Gutka?
    Are movies responsible for people's fear of police?

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    It is time for ISC WMs, ME and Editors to break their head to choose the best from the list prepared by Ms. AR.

    Ms. AR, You have spared your good time and put in lot of efforts to prepare a list like this. Well done. Hats off to you.

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    Some of the topics suggested by the author in her response #571667 are actually very good and worthy for initiation of an active GD on the same anytime. As a matter of fact there is no dearth of appropriate topics. We have been raising this issue from time to time in the forum section in the past also.
    As far as I could understand, the real issue lies in the fact that a lot of effort is required on the part of the organizing editors/Webmaster in conducting, monitoring, evaluating participants entries and declaring results. More the responses received, more becomes the workload of the organizing editor/Webmaster.
    It also also been clarified in the forum section that there is no restriction on organization of private GDs by the members also, but generally only a lukewarm response can be expected as in absence of its official status and hence prize/award/reward, there will be no enthusiasm on the part of the participants.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you Mr Sun and Mr Kailash Kumar ,hoping one of the above topics get selected for a future group discussion in ISC.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    The latest GD was on a current and livid topic only. It was apt and timely. I do not see any problem in selecting that for GD in ISC.
    As the thread author admitted"..the topic helped ...gain a lot of knowledge by reading all the responses".

    My point in not participating was relevant to that context. There will be many among readers and participants who will looking for more knowledge on the matter and even wanting to correct their misunderstanding if any. Hence it is imperative on the participants to give correct information and correct perspective.

    While there are many topics where one can almost entirely put personal views even illogical and irrational, in topics like the last GD on Statehood for Delhi, one has to form and justify opinion only after considering the statutory and constitutions facts and history, national and local impacts and reaction and the wider ramifications it will raise. That needs knowledge, homework and coherent and sequential presentation. Bluffing is not to be done.

    Hence quality matters more than quantity in such GDs.

    There can be any number of debatable topics, and there are perennial and stereotype topics also, a site like ISC has to consider various other factors before deciding on a discussion topic.
    However I appreciate the efforts taken by the author to create a 'topic bank'.I hope the author can contribute some unique, exclusive topics for ISC to enable it to be leader.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The topics are raised in GD is of current affairs nature and that gets instant hits on the internet. Since Brexit was the issue in recent days ISC also chosen the subject and that proved hit.
    K Mohan
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    Ms. ar, the topics you mentioned are very good. If a GD is conducted on such topics, I am ready to participate. I am weak in current affairs and don't even know about the Brexit issue. So, I didn't participate in that GD. I may not respond but I generally read all the threads raised almost everyday. And, I didn't even open the thread. Awaiting a GD on one of the topics you mentioned.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I would prefer to disagree on that point. Not that the list prepared by Ms. ar is any bad. My disagreement is with the contention that the topic for the recently concluded GD was not proper.

    It was actually a hot topic and all over the newspapers and news channels. It should be noted that myself and Bhushan who were adjudged as among the other best participants have been the residents from a place too far away. You need not belong to the locality to have knowledge of the happenings there, you just need to be alert about the happenings around. I maintain that the topic was not bad by any standard, but the participation was less for the reasons best known to the members who did not participate.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Let me respond here as an ordinary member and not an Editor. I have seen many suggestions from members during my association of more than two and a half years with this site. Some suggestions were good also and when they have been implemented with lot of exercise by the ME, the participation of the members was totally poor to moderate. Few examples, I would like to cite here.
    1. When I joined this site during Oct'13, there was a weekly TOW and a topic was given every week. It was complained that the Forum page is filled with threads of the Topic given during the week. So, to encourage good posts, the TOW topic was made on monthly basis. See the scenario today. As if no other topic is there, we find more topics on ISC only.
    2. Guess the Author contest is another flop show, I don't hesitate to speak out frankly. It was the brain child of our veteran Venkiteswaranji and ME might have burn her midnight oil and did lot of efforts to conduct the contests. But what has happened? Those who have responded in Venkiteswran's thread about the idea of the contest have not turned up. Had all of them participated in the Guess the Author Contest, it would have given more satisfaction to the conductor of the contest.
    3. Same is the case with GD contests. Everyone will say that the GD is to be announced and when it is announced, we will see some regular panel members participating in it.

    I find many of the members lack consistency and they show much eagerness in their initial enrollment of membership and slowly dissociate themselves from regular interaction. May be personal and professional reasons, I can't deny it. I remember a member who was very active and was awarded 'Rising star' and the very next day onward he failed to rise! What I suggest is let us be consistent. I request the regular authors of the Forum threads also, if there is a dearth for your ideas, better you respond to the other threads and don't raise threads which are useless. Come out of the monotonous posting of threads and don't make ISC as a topic of the day.

    Coming to the main point of the thread, thanks to the author for her suggestions and the said topic will be borne in mind while announcing the GD topic and the same would be put up to our other panel members and WM Jose sir.


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    Thanks for the list of topics you have given in #571667. Many of these can be considered topics for general discussion, but there are some we could consider for group discussion. The difference is that in the latter, the back and forth discussion is far more intense, in-depth and informative. Thus, to generate such an intelligent, debate-type atmosphere, we do need topics that would be appealing enough.

    Managing Editor,

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