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    Tea-shop functions as employment bureau!

    I generally go the cigarette vendor near my house. The vendor also prepares tea and even lunch. Many people come to the shop, have tea in the morning and in the evening and even have lunch. During their interaction, they exchange information regarding new employment opportunity (like employment as a guard, opportunity in vehicle repairing shop, opportunity in roadside kiosks and dhabas, etc.). I have been residing in this locality for more than 4 years. During this period, I have seen lots of young boys get employment and start earning. Almost all the boys are in dire need of employment.

    So, I feel that the tea-shop owner is doing a great social service by helping needy, unemployed poor boys and young men from weak financial background, while managing the shop.
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    It is a two way process. The shop owner is also earning by selling his wares to the customers and the customers are also getting benefited by getting leads about employment opportunities. It is a very old traditional system. Earlier the barber shops used to act as an information exchange of the locality.
    In cities like Delhi or Mumbai, daily many people come from rural areas seeking employment. In all cities generally certain spots exist where prospective labourers assemble and people visit such spots to pick and hire them for their work.
    As far as employment of unskilled workers is concerned, perhaps there are no formal employment exchanges and people take recourse of such conventional systems. Since ages the people who have migrated to other cities for earning, become hero in their villages and guide others also about employment opportunities in the cities and facilitate their migration.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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