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    Health is not child's play nowadays!

    With the advent of technology and modernization,there has also been a change in diet and food preferred by children and teenagers nowadays.Unhealthy food,processed foods or fast foods,whatever you may call them call for serious thought.There has been an increase in health problems like obesity,diabetes,heart problems,nervous breakdowns and more even in children nowadays who should be engaging in healthier options and a well balanced diet.Parents need to follow a regular schedule to be able to influence them and hence reduce this intake of junk and degradation of health in their essential growth years.
    Unhealthy competition and unrealistic expectations at such tender ages is taking a toll on their physical and mental health.How should the situation be resolved?
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    Being a social animal, humans too generally follow the herd mentality like cattle. They are not in a position to isolate themselves from the society and burn their separate hearth for cooking their food separately like an ostracised individual. Therefore even the individuals of previous generations are adopting the newly introduced food in the market in the name modernity or simply a fashion.
    Technology is posing other kind of health challenges also, not only the junk foods. It has sort of debilitated the individuals by making them couch potatoes. Nowadays we find the nursery/LKG/UKG going kids more like dumplings in physical appearance. They look more like puffed 'kachori or samosa'. Their parents feel proud in feeding them with all kind of junk food available in market sometimes containing harmful chemicals also as additives/preservatives.
    Generally the parents who themselves are foodies, feed all kind of sweets/goodies and other types of high calorie foods and in the process satiate themselves also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The answer for your question 'How should the situation be resolved?' is AWARENESS & CAREFUL.

    AWARENESS means - most of the people don't know what the adverse effects are after intake of such stuffs. During my experience with nutritional food supplements, I did 100s of health and obesity awareness campaigning; where I found most of the people don't want to hear what a dietician or fitness coach suggests for their good health. However, we tried to make aware with several health tips orally.

    CAREFUL means – these kinds of people found in small towns and also in metros. They're very much aware of such things as they read and come across regular health tips through various social networking sites. However, very CARELESS in the matter of hygienic, dieting, exercise, sleep & wake, drinking sufficient water, avoiding junk foods, etc. They simply ignore everything even after knowing very well about the unhygienic condition of pani-puris, samosas, pizzas, finger chips, etc.

    One day one couple called me and asked about their son's obesity issue, who is above 90 kilos at the age of eleven. I asked them and called for a counselling at my office. When I asked both father & son about their daily diet chart and habits, they pointed each other and started complaining. Father said his son always dial to KFC and orders pizzas, fried chickens etc. Son said in every alternate day his father brought outside food to home. This is the situation of families in cities.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Good alert from AR. There are people seeing time and day for admitting themselves or consulting doctor for their setback. A neighbor of mine one day got some pain in the chest side. He told the same to his family members and his son was ready to take him to the nearest hospital but this person stopped him from doing so as that day was some inauspicious. But in the evening that person died by heart attack. This should be avoided. In some cases people are so sensitive on hyginic but that too dangerous as they could not move anywhere with such habit.
    Above all, the alert is good by thinking the health is not a child play but once we enter into a doctor's clinic we have to clear our bank balance or locker totally and if such situation (draining doctors)prevails who will think of their health immediately before seeing their bank balance?

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    I do agree with the author that children and young persons are having more preference and likes to shelf foods in the shop than cooked foods at the home. Children going to school, office goers are not taking the food prepared for them at the home. and instead prefer to buy the snacks or tiffin on the way so that their likes are answered. Mother spends so much time in the morning to prepare break fast. But the children wont eat them and instead wants to have the road side snack for their immediate hunger requirement. This fashion should change. And do not call it habit.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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