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    Why people refex sullen when we give some alert good to them

    Alerting others is just to enable them to get rid of unwanted things and that too we are giving out of our own experience. Without understanding this, many of us are taking negatively or sullen on us as if we are preventing them to do so. Once I told a person who was standing in the bus stop that the bus for which he was waiting would not come on that way as that was one way to that service. He just changed his face and told very robotic,'I know'. Later after some minutes he crossed the road and took some bus in the opposite direction.
    In another situation I alert my higher officer the next day was under maintenance, I told the same to avoid problem of power backup and to store some required quantity of diesel for our generator. He, my higher officer replied cool, "that is all waste, no problem will come as the paper news may not be correct'. But later on the next day as I feared, the generator required diesel and the diesel was not also available in the nearest petrol bunk and they suffered. To avoid such problem only I told in advance but they took very lethargic.
    Why such people act like this?
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    The standard norm is to not to offer any advice to others until specifically asked for the same. However in certain situations, we are supposed to inform others on humanitarian grounds.
    Many people have an habit of offering advices even without asking and often such people have to eat humble pie because of their such habit. We may call it being insensitive, but in bigger cities, generally people mind their own business and never interfere in others affairs.
    Often information is exchanged within a closed knit group e.g. among classmates or colleagues on issues common to all of them. Nowadays WhatsApp etc. is being increasingly used for such purposes.
    Generally speaking, all people don't like people habitual of offering advices even without asking.
    Therefore perhaps it is better to refrain from advising others especially unknown people.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree that in our life we come across such people who are arrogant to take our alert as advise and refuse to accept it for their obvious reasons. In Tamil we call it Srimad Gambiram. That means he does not know anything and wont agree with others saying. One of my relative was going to Chennai and the train timing was advanced. This was informed to him by me as he was still talking to us. But he wont agree and that got anger in me. I advised him to show his ticket and pointed out the advanced departure timing of the train and thus he started hurrying up and I have to leave him at the station by two wheeler taking short cut route. Even on the way he was still arguing about the matter as to how the Railways can change the timing without public notice. For that I said that it was already mentioned in news paper and also on television about the change of timings for that he sported ignorance.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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