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    Who is the best person to inquire for an address/directions?

    When people visit a new city first time, often they have to ask somebody for directions for reaching any particular address. I have observed that often people ask any individual who is available in the vicinity . It is not an easy task to identify the best person to ask for directions. All people available in the vicinity may not be suitable for such inquiries.
    Generally in rural and semi-urban areas, people tend to help in such matters even without themselves knowing the direction. They find it below their dignity to admit that they don't know and end up giving wrong direction which may be even opposite one.
    A stranger who himself has visited the locality first time for certain job may not necessarily be knowing the exact address though physically present in the locality. So asking for directions from such person may not prove worthwhile.
    Who is the best person to inquire for an address/directions?
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    Before giving suggestion to that query, I would think over what I will do in such a situation.

    I normally ask for the directions, or whereabouts of an address at a shop. A shop owner, or a vendor in the vicinity of the area would be well equipped with the knowledge of the address I am asking him/her. If it is an urban area, I would go with a cop nearby.
    o based on what I would do, I would suggest you to follow those lines. Ask at a shop nearby, or a vendor who is near the location you have been searching. Or else, ask a cop nearby.

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    My view is best person is kirana shop people or cloth ironing persons. Moreover the person giving address too should give clear information such as landmarks like cinema halls, temples, hotels. Moreover in such areas like third main road, third cross road etc., clear information should be given.

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    These days you can download apps that prompt you which direction to go, which road to take etcetera. You need to feed the final destination into the system and the app will prompt you. With such advanced technology at our fingertips, we do not have to rely on humans for directions anymore.

    Nonetheless, I think the best people to ask for direction are the auto rickshaw drivers that belong to the locality. You can find them parked under trees or by the side of the road, at an auto stand.

    If you have reached the locality, but are finding it difficult to locate your destination then look out for a postman or a courier delivery person. They know the localities they serve, like the back of their hand.

    Local vendors are also helpful, as suggested by other members.

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    The barber and the tailor or even the washer man are the best persons to give the right address as they are in touch with all the people in the vicinity. I used to approach them for right address.
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    The best and right person to guide you is the postman of that area who will know much better than anyone else. If it was during day, it is better to go to the post office and get the direction to reach the street. Once you are in that street, it is easy to locate the house with the house number.

    It is easy to find an address in a village or rural area, but a bit difficult in urban areas.

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    Nowadays the postman is seen very rarely due to less patronage of snail mail and hence what I suggested were the best persons to obtain address of people who are residing in those areas.
    K Mohan
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    Me! Seriously, if I see an ISCian looking a little lost-like, I would be glad to try and help out with directions. I'm quite good at giving precise ones. If at all I am bit vague about knowing the location, at least I would be honest enough to admit it and not misguide somebody.

    I find that the best people who know directions are those who provide home services, such as the bania who supplies monthly groceries and the kabaddiwallah who picks up the stacks of old newspapers & junk. If you see a local shop selling milk, that would be the best source of information. All these people invariably know the precise location of a building.

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    As for the suggestions of finding a postman or going to a post office for directions as suggested by some members, it would be a totally impractical solution.

    The first reason being if you are new to the locality and the city, how can you expect yourself to find the post office? As for the postman, he will not be seen at the same part of the village/city/locality exactly at the time you arrive there, right?

    In my view, the best persons would be the shop owners and other vendors like laundrywallah, barber or a tailor.

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    The thing you mentioned about people in rural areas happened to me and my family once. We, from Andhra Pradesh went to the temple in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu two months back in a bus. When leaving, we don't know which bus to board as we don't know Tamil (You can't find even one word of English on the buses there). So, I and my brother asked many people two words - bus & our destination place. Each one of them mentioned one different location for the bus stop. It took an hour to find the correct bus and its location is pointed by a shopkeeper outside the bus station. Then I understood one thing. Always ask shopkeepers, barbers etc,. for directions.

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    Even while selecting a shop owner for inquiry, in case possible a medical shop should be selected for inquiry related to hospitals or a stationary shop for inquiring about educational institutions.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I exactly concur with the opening line in #571699 (Ramachandran Pattabiraman)'

    As far as possible I enquire with a grocery shop, a petty shop, 'Istry' shop or a milk vending shop. But anonymity increasing so much that very recently, in my town about one and half kms from my house,I had to roam around in an auto for about half an hour before someone could give me an approximate location of the addressee.(There was no shop around that area). It was ironic that I had taken two rounds in front of that particular house.

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    To know an area or the street, auto drivers are the best.
    Inside the street, to know a building or colony, the roaming shop keepers/washerman is the best. Inside the building, the security sentry is the best.

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