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    How did you feel when you earned for the first time in your life?

    Hello ISC members,

    I earned for the first time in my life from ISC (May 2016 payment). That day, my happiness is at peak even the amount I earned is less. Today, I saw a person feel happy due to his first earnings. Looking at him feel happy gave me pleasure. How did you feel when you earned for the first time in your life? And, from what did you get your first earnings? i.e. job etc,.
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    Well, definitely it would be a pleasure to earn the first salary or any income. I earned my first salary way back in May, 1998. It was a meagre amount of Rs. 800+. ( I had joined the firm on 20th of April and the salary was Rs. 2500 per month back then - so the first salary came up to Rs 800 or so) That was actually a great feeling, because I had earned something on my own. You won't be able to explain those feelings in words.
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    Yes indeed - first earnings give a shot of joy & thrill! I was happy to earn my very first job's first salary of Rs.900/- and also my very first rupee at ISC.
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    The first day, first time, 'first' in many things of our life are to be cherished. It is so for most(if not all) of us. Hence it is just natural that similar threads were raised periodically.

    I could remember a similar thread. I found my response no.#486071 in that thread still holds and invite you to read that thread also for a few more interesting responses on this matter.

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    After joining ISC on 06.05.2015, I am receiving payment each month from ISC. My first ISC payment of Rs. 400 was announced on 01.06.2015.
    Incidentally I had received my first payment of Junior Research Scholarship of Rs. 400 ( nowadays it is Rs. 25,000 ) only in the year 1975.

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    Since my joining ISC, I am fortunate enough to remain in the list for monthly payment awardees. However, I do understand the excitement of receiving first payment.
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    Yes for every one the first earning in their life would be memorable and equally thrilling to the core because that was the hard earned money purely based on using and exhibiting the hidden talent. In Urdu there is a couplet which suits here to mention : bal pe bal apna bal , dhoosron ka bal chulley main jal , meaning for this that nothing can match the strength and courage of our own self and the outcome of that would be fruitful than others showing gratitude. So I can understand the essence of first earnings in every ones life and that would be cherished for ever.
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