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    How about a Re Publish feature for forum threads?

    Today, I came to know about the Re Publish feature for resources. I noticed it previously but I didn't know what it is exactly until today. If you republish a resource, it will be indexed as a new one by the search engine and thereby help in generating revenue for one year starting from the republish date. There are many forum threads which are unanswered and most of them are older than 10 days. So, a member who want to respond to such threads cannot as they are older than 10 days, the member who raised such thread needs to raise it again if it is a query etc,. If there is a Re Publish feature for forum threads too, then the above mentioned problems do not occur. What is your opinion on this?
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    At first glance the idea floated by the author don't appear to be a bad one. However perhaps more discussion is required to understand precisely as to how it is likely to prove beneficial for either of the members or the ISC.
    At present there is no restriction on raising a new thread on the same or similar topic whether the previous thread goes unanswered or otherwise.
    Even in the ask expert section, there is no re-publish feature , though the questions remain open for posting answers without any time frame.

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    Well this forum is highly moderated and some topics are based on time and action so by republishing every content here, it wont suffice the purpose. By the way there is no restriction for any member to post in this forum unless and until administrative sanctions are imposed. So what I mean to say here that instead of giving life to the old thread which failed to attract the responses, you can always create a new one with necessary modifications so as to attract instance response from the esteemed members. That way the forum would have a developed content.
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    Not a good idea actually! We will have members republishing any and every thread of theirs merely to be on the first page of the forum and hog the limelight while all new, fresh threads will get shifted to the back pages.

    It is best to simply post a new thread and give a link to the old thread, stating that the topic was interesting and one would like to discuss it further.

    Managing Editor,

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    Ms. Vandana, what if the republish request is to be sent to the editors with appropriate reason? My point is, why to leave a forum thread unanswered (none of my threads are unanswered though).

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