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    Are you getting rightly explained through the threads posted by authors ?

    In the recent past we are witnessing a whooping change in raising the threads on this site and some of them were mind blowing and many are informative and gave scope for learning. But often we come across such threads which are not understood. Are we lacking the understanding capability or the authors not able to convince or put forth their views in right perspective. Here I am not digging at any ones capability but their profess to convince others with view point rightly. Then if you are understanding the threads, why the responses are not coming is my second question ?
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    There are many reasons behind this phenomenon. Some authors try to make their posts search-friendly. They try to make their posts more attractive. As a result, they lose spontaneity, the threads become artificial and sometime they themselves forget what they want to convey through that particular thread.
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    That has more to do with the ability of a person to convey his feelings. Maybe he has some great ideas, but lacks in the capacity to express himself. That creates ambiguity and the thread or the information contained therein becomes a little incomprehensive.
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    It is up to the individual's calibre to explain their thread message. So far, I had no difficulty in understanding the thread messages. Someone says it in few sentences. someone elaborates in too many sentences. There are some philosophical messages which are little difficult to understand and follow. I generally don't respond to such philosophical messages.
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    As we all know, ISC is a learning platform. Most of us are still learning English language and therefore sometimes despite having great ideas are not able to express ourselves clearly. So language capability is one reason in not becoming able to raise the thread properly which results in lukewarm responses.
    Many threads are too lengthy. It requires lot of patience to read the same fully, which also distracts few members. Perhaps the size of the thread raised should not be more than certain limit.
    Threads raised on mundane topics picked directly from the news paper headings or television channels also attract lesser responses as the same are already known to most of the people.
    Trying to become too much creative or inventive makes the thread look like a synthetic one as pointed out by the author and people refrain from responding to such artificial thoughts.
    Often newbies raise thread on very common topics which have been discussed multiple times in the forum section and therefore don't attract responses.

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