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    How do you feel when you volunteer to help and that was rejected by the person ?

    Some times we are hurt deeply by unusual behavior of opposite persons who are in need of help and yet reject the same out of their arrogance in them. One of a person is a known heart patient and had to travel by flight to Bengaluru. On the way reaching to airport he was not feeling well and returned back home. I offered him help to reach the hospital and attend the emergency. But he refused help citing he made arrangement with others. That was really offending and cursed myself that hence forth I wont volunteer to help unless and until others come and seek for that ?
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    It depends on the attitude of individuals concerned. Many people are very self conscience and don't take help of others as far as possible. As a matter of fact, only the closest one can offer selfless help, though others also volunteer in the name of charity etc. Few people go on suffering, but never takes help or assistance from others.
    Rejection of offer of help do causes deep hurt, but it should not be taken too seriously. We cannot force ourselves on others. It is up to them to either accept our help or not.
    I have seen that whenever any female requires any kind of help, a number of persons volunteer for the same, though generally in case of males requiring a help , very few persons volunteer. It happens on road also. Whenever any girl student travelling on her two wheeler falls on road due to collision etc., scores of persons assemble to help her, though same is not the scenario in case the same happens with a boy.

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    I think you are getting perturbed unnecessarily and making an issue of an insignificant matter. This is actually a very trivial matter and one should not take the refusal to heart.

    If the person's condition was serious he would probably have gone directly to a hospital, instead of returning home. It is also possible that your friend did not want to inconvenience you. Keep in mind the fact that he had already approached someone for assistance and they were probably already on their way. These people (to him) might have appeared more reliable, perhaps because of the influence they have at the hospital/clinic that he was being transferred to. He might have thought they'd feel offended if he informed them they were no longer required.

    Do not let such petty incidents create discord between you and your acquaintances. Respect their wish and be content in the fact that you did a good deed by offering to help. Your friend will perhaps remember this good gesture of yours.

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    Some people are very self-respecting and they never expect and need other's presence, help and support at any aspect. In this situation you may felt offended due to his irrespective attendance to your volunteering, but one thing we must learn from the person that why should I bother others when I was under pressure or trouble. The same shouldn't be felt by others or same conditions shouldn't affect others in their life.

    In another sense, he may be offended or felt accountable earlier by their near and dears in such conditions, so that he's also promised to never take any help and support in his life. Whenever you feel something uneasy or erroneous from an opposite person, where you don't have any mistake at all; just put your feet in his shoe and understand his situation, why s/he reacts so.

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    Mr. Mohan, your conscience is clear. You genuinely tried to help that man, but he refused your help. What more can you do? You can't force him to accept your help.
    Don't think about it further.

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