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    Break through tip to get rid of mosquitoes by easiest way !

    We are all affected by mosquito menace daily and there are so many coils, mats, and sprays to weed out them, but still the mosquitoes do bother us definitely. Even dried neem leaves also have less effect on mosquitoes weeding out process. Now a easiest and sure way to keep the mosquitoes has been found Cut lemon in to two halves and insert some cloves or lavang around it and that will keep the mosquitoes away. And mind it this is the old grandma tip. Try this idea and report the success of the same. Also if you have other desi ideas to keep away mosquitoes say here.
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    To manage mosquitoes (not to get rid of), only two things work. The first one is 'Odomos', but I don't prefer this because I think it may be a mild poison and can be dangerous for children. I prefer window-nets and good old mosquito-nets. These are not chemicals and don't cause any harm.
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    Really its a nice idea Mohan Sir. I'll implement this idea today. The science nowadays follows the old and ancient ideas, rules of Vedas and Shastras, so why not we try such small tips in our daily life.
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    Mosquitoes though appear to be innocuous tiny creatures, but they can cause several dangerous and fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever etc. Therefore it is imperative to keep them at bay. The major challenge in controlling their breeding is that, though it is possible to take precautions like not to allow water to stagnate within one's own house or keep the house clean, but often the mosquitoes breed in the surroundings in other's house or in public areas.
    Regarding home remedies there are few more as follows -
    1. Camphor balls and neem oil act as natural mosquito repellent. Lighting camphor in room after closing the door and windows etc. compels the mosquitoes to flee elsewhere.
    2. Even mosquitoes don't like the pungent odor of garlic. Crush a few garlic and boil them in water. Your mosquito repellent is ready. Sprinkle it where ever required.
    3. A mixture of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil acts as a natural mosquito repellent.
    4. Mosquitoes abhor strong odor of mint. It can be applied on the exposed parts of the body or sprinkled/sprayed using a spray bottle.

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