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    Which one is needed more for Future India - Agriculture or IT firms?

    Agriculture and IT sectors play a major role in Indian economy. But as per the current trend, IT companies are overtaking agriculture. Lot of agricultural lands are getting transformed into larger IT buildings. Farmers are not getting proper subsidies and are migrating to other business. The craze for IT company is high among the youths and the future generations are not interested towards agriculture. Moreover the younger people don't have much idea about agriculture and its importance. Slowly India is losing its trace on agriculture. If we lose our agricultural lands then definitely the country will face a big famine in the future. If we reduce IT companies then the country will face unemployment problems. Considering both the Agriculture and the IT sectors which one is needed more for the future India ?
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    Let us first consider the theoretical aspects. In case enough wealth is generated through IT sector, then agricultural products can very well be imported from the other countries. However, by concentrating on agricultural activities, though a country can become self sufficient in food products, but cannot prosper as enough wealth cannot be generated through agricultural activities alone.
    The fact that people are migrating from agricultural sector to other sector, itself indicates that there is not much gain in agricultural sector. Though the population has increased manifold, the total agricultural land has not increased which has caused land holdings to diminish due its division and re-division among the next generation inheritors. There is no profitability in raising crops on bits and pieces of agricultural land.
    The increase in population has also resulted in conversion of agricultural land into residential, commercial or industrial land.
    Of late, the Modi Government has taken many steps to promote and modernize agricultural activities.

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