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    Delhi-India relation like India-Pakistan

    Today I read an article where Delhi chief minister has given the statement that Now The relation of Delhi government and center Government is like Indo-pak relation. Although I like Mr. Kejriwal and His Government but he should not give such statement. As Indo-pak relation is crucial just because of Kashmir and some terrorist. SO this relation should not compare with for any state-center relation. I am shocked that our Prime minister never opposing or saying any statement against AAP Government statement. This clearly proves that he is annoying and taking revenge of their loose in election, but main sufferer is the common man of Delhi.
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    It is true that the main sufferers are the people of Delhi, but it is their own creation only. Why they preferred to elect an untested party by overwhelming majority is still an enigma.
    They took the bait of eradication of the corruption and cheaper electricity/water, but couldn't gauge that after all 'politics is the last resort for the scoundrels' as once said by George Bernard Shaw.
    Perhaps the above statement deserves a modification by saying that it is not the last, but the first resort in Indian context.
    It is unworthy of any individual holding a constitutional post to say that Delhi-India relations are like India-Pakistan relations. Such a statement looks like an anti national statement.

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