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    "What is your life's ambition?"

    Special Prize winning thread for the week 17th to 23rd July '16

    "What is your life's ambition?" or "What do you want to be in the future?" - These are questions that, I believe, none of us would have missed to hear during our teenage. From teenage to adulthood, life is all about setting a career goal and starting our mission towards it. However, life has its own design for each one of us. Some are fortunate enough to reach their destination and some feel fortunate for wherever life has ushered them. So, which one of these categories do you belong to? Do you stand today as what you wanted to see yourself as?
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    Dreaming is also a symptom of being alive. The individuals who don't dream or aspire to make progress in their life are not fully grown humans.
    Like the common biological processes i.e. breathing, eating, excreting, mating, procreating etc. there must be a desire to work hard and reach up to the pinnacle of what is possible.
    However there is a precondition or fine print in all such processes which has been explained in unambiguous manner in our scripture, the holy Gita.
    Individuals have to do only 'karma'. Results are not within their reach.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am very ambitious! In my younger days I had ambition of becoming bus-driver (my brother wanted to be bus-conductor!), policeman with wireless set, mounted police, teacher/professor of History, joining Navy, becoming swimming instructor, etc. (all at the same time)! With the passage of time, my ambition started changing. Now, at this ripe middle-age, my ambition is to go back after retirement to my beloved city, Kolkata, enjoy life in the city to the brim by participating in famous 'adda', and other cultural activities.
    Will the day come after my retirement?

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Each and every one will be having an ambition in their life but only few are achieving it. Hard work, determination, interest and a little luck will definitely help one to achieve their ambition. Once my ambition was to become a doctor. I worked hard but I was not able to achieve it. I missed my M.B.B.S seat in a few marks. After that, like others I too joined Engineering in India's reputed university and pursued my B.Tech degree in Information Technology. Immediately after my engineering, I started working for an MNC. That life was really horrible. Like other companies, my company also payed me well but I didn't get a job satisfaction. At that moment I decided not to lead my life in a mechanical way and so I changed my profession. Now my ambition is to enjoy my life by doing the work which gives me an immense satisfaction.

    Love your work and get satisfied! Satisfaction will automatically brings happiness.

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