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    This world will be small to fulfill all wish of human

    Population of the world growing on daily basis. so requirement for living is also increasing, we are consuming all natural resources like coal, crude oil, water ,mines etc. Dont you think after few year ( might be 100 year or more), people will not found space to construct a house.
    is there any solution of it? If population control is the only way then who is going to scarify by not giving birth to a child? As we all have need of a child, I am getting afraid when thinking about this future scarcity. People will kill each other to survive in this world.
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    Around 8000 BC , the population was world was around 50 lakh only. During the next 8000 years i.e. around 1 AD, the human world population grew to 20 crores. It took another 1800 years to reach the 100 crore mark. However the next 100 crore were added in only 130 years (1930) , another 100 crores in less than 30 years (1959), next 100 crores in 15 years (1974) and yet another 100 crores in 13 years only (1987).
    By the year 2050, the population is estimated to rise up to 972 crores.
    Family planning measures etc. are not likely to yield any positive result in population control. The population will be controlled perhaps only through some unfortunate natural disaster of catastrophic proportion or some devastating epidemic.
    People will live like the people already living in Mumbai where in one room the entire family including a newly married couple are living. They construct lofts in the room for newly married couples.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You're rightly said Swagatika. Everything what we know from our childhood to till now and whatever we imagine daily is available in this earth. Earth is full of each and everything as per our need and requirement. However we're incapable of handling and caring her property. As you said, everything is going lessening day by day, but human tendency is too changing places, habits, and choices year by year. People are always in search of new things and innovative ideas as per the deficit in their life. If people understand the value of natural resources avail today, then there will be no scarcity in future. Hope, everything will be fine and can be fulfilled as per the necessity in future. But, we've think seriously about the topic of climate change, which can't be controlled later if we're not able to act today. Thousands of years ago in the age dinosaurs, there was plenty of things and natural resources available in earth. However, they dinosaurs don't know the value of things as humans know. The age was vanished when they fight and started eating their kids due to lack of sufficient food. This thing will not happen in human age until and unless the people are not aware of these things.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    You are right Swagathika, but humans are very selfish and they can go to any extent in destroying nature to find something new. We are slowly destroying everything and with this we may not face any major problems but coming generations might suffer because of this.

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