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    Will you kill your family members?

    Suppose you are a police person or military person, and your one of the family member is a terrorist, and during any combi operation while encounter is going on, he/she is in front of you. Can you kill him,/her, or will try to arrest for saving his/her life? How will you convince your senior to arrest instead of encounter on spot?
    Suppose you kill during that encounter how will you explain your rest family members about his/her activity and about killing.?
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    We may express any kind of opinion or view in a forum discussion, but what actually will happen at that time cannot be predicted. Discussions and debates are hypothetical only. As the saying goes, the facts are sometimes stranger than the fiction.
    One don't become a hardcore terrorist overnight. It requires a long drawn hardening process which forces the individual to severe ties with the family. Also prior to reaching the stage of face to face encounter with guns drawn, the terrorists generally commit many inhuman and heinous crimes.
    Therefore they no longer remain an ordinary family member. They travel far from the family to look back. Often such criminals are shot instead of arresting etc. as often depicted in Bollywood movies.

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    Kailash Kumar was rightly explained the truth.
    However, if we think the situation deeply so many questions arouse. If you're a police officer and attempting to catch a criminal whom you know or don't know as one of your family members; as you've take oath during your training, position and posting, you should forget everything about your family during the job. There are several situations you may found during this mission, like advising the criminal, asking help or suggestion from your superior, arguing/understanding/convincing your family members, etc. etc. But you know that the solutions are not in your hand, the solution is in the criminals mind. What s/he thoughts and what action s/he is taking, why s/he is doing such crime/illegal acts, why s/he is not surrendering, what's her/his problem/reason behind this, does s/he thinks about you and your family as you think about him/her. If no, then why are you worried about him/her? If yes, why doesn't s/he surrender?

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    For the sake of discussion in this forum, I can state here that I will shoot him dead. But, the actual outcome of such a situation will be entirely different.

    What happens more often is the person who has become a terrorist would have gone too far to be able to look back. The family ties might have strained and cut off beyond the stages of reconciliation.

    I would assume that in such situations, I would assume the person concerned will definitely be shot dead.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Without denying the right of open discussion, I would suggest to desist from posting matters which can have different connotations when misunderstood or misinterpreted.

    As ISC is a public forum and domain, once posted and published the control on it is lost.

    Moreover, in present days, an opinion about a person is also formed by looking at the various posts and presentations uploaded by the person in the social media sites and blogs. Hence in future keep this point in mind. This is to be taken only as a purely general nature , well intentioned suggestion, of an elder person.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    When I noticed this thread, I was like 'What is happening here?' and I wanted to respond with a big NO. After reading, I understood what you are trying to say. Coming to the point, I will kill him/her without even thinking about it. As mentioned in all of the above responses, a person who is a terrorist now would have cut relationships with his/her non terrorist family long ago. Also, terrorists are trained in remote areas and conditions in which there is no chance even for thinking about family. So, it is not a mistake to kill such a person. I suggest you to change the title to 'Will a soldier kill his/her family member if he/she is a terrorist?'.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Well when are determined in life and accept the post of police or Army officer and when the situation arises to face the worst family members involved in terror or crime. nothing would stop me to shoot and get rid of the person who is the black spot for the family and also for the Nation. Moreover no family would like a black sheep in a family and I have seen many families giving leads to the police about the where about of their spoiled son who is in bad company. So when situation demands I shall respect the work and not give credence to the relation. By the way relatives must also understand that law does not give lenience to family members to escape.
    K Mohan
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