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    Why Indian parents don't want their kids to enter into Film Industry?

    Each and every one is blessed with an unique talent. Some parents will identify their kid's talent and will help them to shine in their respective fields but many are failing to do so. In particular if the kid is interested to enter into the Film industry, almost half of the Indian Parents are opposing the idea and are not supporting their children. Parents love watching films but they don't want their kids to enter into that industry. Film Industry is also a good platform to earn and showcase one's talent but still why Indian parents don't want their kids to enter into the Film Industry?
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    Generally parents wants their kids to be successful. We all know that success is not guaranteed even for people with talent. So most parents do not show much interest in sending their children to film industry. Anyways, star actors are introducing their next generations to the film industry these days. So there is less scope for new actors or actresses. However, rich people are sending their children to film industry if they wanted to.

    saikishore Meda.

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    That isn't a universal truth. We know many parents are willing to send their wards for a career in movies. There are instances of parents who send their children to the singing competitions and such.

    The problem is with some conservative families. They do not like to move away from their preconceived notions. In such cases. parents just suppress the creative side of their children. They fail to understand that they are in a way, killing the prospects of their children.

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    India being a great country and vast too, there is no dearth of talent. As a matter of fact, there are so many talented individuals in the India, that there is cut throat competition even among talented people. Because of this reason completing an acting course in National School of Drama, Indian Film and Television Institute or many other private acting schools is no guarantee for being successful. Since big money is involved in the Bollywood industry, there are many stake holders and one has to pay a premium in the form of compromises etc. for getting a slice of the pie. Casting couch like stories are no longer a secret in the film industry.
    There are too many uncertainties in film industry. Even a very wealthy individual cannot ensure success even by producing his/her own film. Nowadays the third generation of the actors/actresses are ready for entering into the trade.
    I think because of uncertainties and stigma attached to the film industry due to casting couch like maladies, parents don't like their children entering the film industry.

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    India is a traditional country and people are very conservative too. However, nowadays due to several live/open dancing/singing/acting contests on television, people from various places and circumstances participate and show their talent. Acting in movie also depends upon one's talent, which most of the parents don't know how their children are or what inner talents they have. Such things are majorly known to their friends and teachers with whom they spent most of the time in a day. If anyone interested to act in films and make his/her career in film/TV industry, their parents must understand them and encourage for a beautiful career. Normally parents forced their children to read and read and read. In most of the cases, children don't know what to do and what not to. They just listen their parent's saying and simply crosses their educational period with an average score. After getting out from the college or university, they wonder here & there to get a better job for months & years and at last if fails they do their traditional business, agriculture, politics, or go for any small job. They simply vanishes the inner talent knowingly or unknowingly.
    Naresh Kumar
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