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    Is it OK to switch job between multiple companies?

    Switching job from one company to other company is very common. When we get any better opportunity and when we get to learn many new things, then we think of changing the company. It is fine to change the company once in 5 or 6 years. But often it is said that companies judge a person's stability in the company by the number of companies he has changed. If a person has hardly changed company, then he has no problem in joining other company.
    Is it fine to change the job between multiple companies? If so, then after how many years should he change the company and will there be any problem in his career by changing many jobs?
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    Many experts say switching companies is a good practice for a short time. This is good for the trainees who passed out from Post Graduate or Bachelor/Diploma courses and want groom them in every corner. They can switch jobs from one company to other after 6-12 months for a higher post/package. I've seen in metros, most of the private MNCs kept candidates under trial/contractual period for 3-6 months, and as per their performance/talent the candidates will be appoint permanently. So, there is nothing to worry about if a candidate is fresher and want to switch jobs after a year; this is because in 6-12 months duration s/he will be not a permanent employee of that company. And if s/he is performing well, then the employer will kept her/him by paying some more wages. However, most of the employers nowadays don't enhance wage of trainees, but if candidate is experienced and really fruitful for the company then they hold with high wages.
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    By the what is the necessity for a person who is well employed in a company and he is drawing good pay. One would think of shifting to greener pastures for some reasons like, good company profile, good pay scales, good increment every year, good performance bonus and best employee of the year award. All these factors could be considered before shifting to other companies. My advise for the management that they should not loose the bright and working employee and his small demands must be attended too and the company must keep the employee in good spirit so that shifting to other company for good progress should not arise.
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    There cannot be any hard and fast rules in such matters as it primarily depends on the individual's personal circumstances. Generally only those employees tend to switch jobs who are not able to get a decent job in the first try. Nowadays both the employers and employees are playing smart. The HR professionals who hire the new recruits are able to judge an applicant and generally know before hand if the employee is likely to continue or not. They hiring companies engage such fire flies in mundane jobs which require hard work not preferred by the permanent employees and exploit them to the hilt and are always mentally ready to hire a fresh crop next year after squeezing fully the existing crop of hired force. Such employees come cheap and cost less to the company.
    Therefore there is nothing smart in keeping on changing companies. One may continue in a company through the dint of his/her hard work and may get increment/promotion also in future. In my opinion the company should not be changed frequently. Once caught in the company changing trap, one is likely to not get settled permanently in any company.

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    It is always the best to switch from one company to other. If a person stays in a company for more than 4 years then they will get adapted to the comfort zone and will not change their mindset. Sitting in a comfort zone will definitely affect the person's performance in the future. Doing a same set of work without any scope of learning will not help to increase a person's progress. In particular, if we consider IT companies it is necessary to update the knowledge or else it will be a risk for a person to shine in their domain. To improve the performance and skill set, it is advisable to jump to other companies. By moving to other companies a person can fine tune themselves and gain lot of experience. If a person has a very good skill set and high experience level then it is easy to earn a good salary. After becoming an expert in the domain, the person can stay in the same company and enrich the knowledge.

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