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    Have people limited their changes and thinking in today's modern world?

    People have changed so much compared to earlier days. People's thinking has changed and also the dressing style is changed these days. Elders have accepted the modernisation and have changed accordingly and also thinking has changed. But the changes have been limited only to few things.
    When it comes to choosing the life partners for their children, most of them prefer only arranged marriages and not love marriages. If their children chooses a life partner of their choice who is very well educated and even of same religion, there is always an opposition.
    When people have changed their mindset in almost everything and think broad, then why do they not accept the relation? They accept and support love marriages of neighbours and other relatives but when it comes to their own children, there is always some hesitation. I feel people have limited their thinking and limited their changes only for certain things.
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    A rapist always thinks about his sister and cousins. This is the mentality of old people in new dress. They just show up their dress up, style of living, travelling, etc but mentally they're very conservative and never gave chance their children for love marriage. It happens in every corner of traditional countries. They always estimate their children's proposal and life with their prestige & esteem in their society. They're always fixed with some limited thoughts and imaginations. Beyond that they never permit their children to do so. It's a kind of cowardice personality that sometime brought enmity mentality in their children.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Caste system is unique to India. It exists no where else in the world. Despite modernization, people don't find themselves able to totally forget the caste divide as at each step they have to confront the caste system in the form of reservations in college admissions, jobs and many other things. Thus the caste system is all pervasive in India psyche.
    Parents wish the best for their children in all matters including the marriages. Gradually the things are getting changed and the parents are finding themselves unable to interfere much particularly in the case of financially self dependent children.
    The parents by virtue of their experience are able to foresee certain things which the children are not able to gauge.
    Earlier there used to be caste specific customs and rituals which was also considered as one of factors for encouraging same caste marriages, but now in the urban societies even such differences are getting blurred and an universal kind of culture is emerging.

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    Yes I do agree that parents are changing according to the wishes of the children as they too understood the concept that if they cannot swim against, they have to swim along. There is nothing wrong if the mother obliges for the choice of daughter dress, her fashion statement. And even on deciding the life partner, there is no harm from the child side to select the right person. But that should be agreeable to the parents and especially to mother. So never thinks that parents would be rigid and wont allow the child to dream and achieve their own goals.
    K Mohan
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