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    ‘Goal setting’ – must be so big that thrills you to achieve at any cost

    It is one of the secret sentences of 'Motivate Yourself' is that while setting a Goal, make a great aim and goal so that whenever you think and imagine about it, it should thrill your mind and create a serious attitude of creativeness and/or shows appropriate way to fulfil that. Without a strong and big goal, you may succeed to achieve a pinch of that. So, whenever you set any goal in life, make a strong and big so that your mind shouldn't divert or unfocused from that without achieving it.
    Have you ever tried this? Put your valuable comments here.
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    Well every one of us go through the process of setting goals and then strive to achieve it fully or substantially. Please note that it is not possible to achieve all the goal in full. Some are achievable in part, some are achievable in partial and some are achievable in full and many goals are not reachable nor thinkable but still we have hopes on that. So what I mean to say here that we have to think and dream of such goals which are achievable through our striking area and should not think of boundaries beyond our control. Even God wont agree for the greediness in us. If we want to achieve more than what was destined, then that is nothing but over greediness and God wont help too. We must be contended with what we got and we must be happy that we got better than others who are still striving to achieve the same. So set the goals with striking range and achieve them in systematic manner as too much over confidence also makes us to loose.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    First of all the child born innocent should be raised in such a manner by the parents that he/she develops an capability to dream big. Generally by the time children grow up to the age of thinking independently, they develops a stereotype or prototype of their future life from their surroundings.
    In the past the warriors for fighting battles in the field in future using sharp edged weapons used to be developed since early childhood by inculcating in them such traits or streaks continuously on day to day basis. The same used to apply in the families following other professions. The princes used to dream about becoming emperors in future and the bodyguard used to dream about serving the king.
    I remember having read a story long back that when a beggar was asked as to what he will do on winning a lottery of a mind boggling sum, he replied that he will buy and spread carpet on all the roads as walking bare foot on roads for begging hurts his feet.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I follow this principle almost always in my life. Currently, I am a student. For a 100 marks exam, target 90 to get 80 is what I do. I even suggest this to my friends. I remember a dialogue from a Telugu movie 'Nee target 10 miles aithe aim for the 11th mile' which translates to 'If your target is 10 miles, aim for the 11th mile'.

    Let us continue learning.

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