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    How can you define the term ‘financially freedom’?

    The term 'financially freedom' differs from person to person.

    Suppose if we ask a beggar, when and how you'll be financially freedom. S/he may say 'I just need 100 Re a day, so that I can run my small family easily. I don't have any dreams till now.' If we ask the same thing to a lower class person, s/he may speak the same with some more desires. Like s/he want to make some money for his/her daughter's marriage or to build his thatched house etc. For a middle class family their desires are unlimited, build a house, higher education of their children, large amount of insurance & deposits in banks, grand marriage of their children, etc. However, their income sources are limited and they never make themselves 'financially freedom'.

    As per my opinion, 'financial freedom' means nothing but a mindset where one shouldn't think s/he will do something to get some monetary benefit or s/he is bound to do a job for monetary requirement. If a person never thinks how much money in his pocket and travels the world without any anxiety, then s/he is 'financially freedom'.

    Please share your thoughts.
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    Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan may be feeling a complex when meeting Mukesh or Anil Ambani. Though they may be having a fleet of bigger size imported cars, but the elusive private jet may be nagging them always. Same is the case with almost all individuals.
    Those who are not paying their taxes honestly can never be said to have financial freedom. By resorting to stealing taxes, such people expose themselves that they are still financial slaves.
    In my humble opinion, individuals have financial freedom when they need not support their grown up children and grand children.
    I have seen in many families, people continue to financially support their children who remain unemployed and incapable of earning on their own.
    One should always starve for making progress, but through legitimate means only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well for that matter no one in this world would be financially free to imply that he is contended in the life. Our wants are unlimited , our desires are different and we want best things in the world. The most dangerous desire of some that they want their share and also part of others share. If you take any quarrel between a persons or for that matter between states, it is because of others want some share in our share. That trend has been continuing in many issues and that is the reason being so there is unrest and difference between haves and have nots. The main reason for Naxal movement also cites this anomaly. So there cannot be definite financial freedom as we are fluctuating our minds with many wants and umpteen dreams to achieve higher goals. Therefore what ever would be earned will seen as the pittance in front of great dreams and demands. Best people are those who are contented with what they have and live happily.

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Naresh, it is like trying to touch the horizon. Nearer you go farther it appear. There is no limit or say safe zone which can be called to be financial freedom.
    Or this term can be called a state of mind, when a person realizes that he/she is making enough(how much is enough?) for fulfilling his/her requirements not desire!
    Another way to think this is, if we remove this money accumulating rat race then what will be the motive of leading such a long life? Gone are the days people used to live for attaining divine spirituality or nirvana, heaven or 'swarg' or 'Janna'. (And those who are living for this are out of our social system).
    If money can be removed what will be the next motive of life? We made machines(calculator, computer huge robots) to spend less time in working and then made some more machines(T.V, video games, rides)to spend our time. This is the way human is. Let us be running behind anything which can keep us feel alive and moving be it be money, property or facilities. Even I am sorry to say that spending life time in love of another human being days are also gone. Everyone is becoming selfish, zone of loving other, accepting others is getting shorter day by day.
    And it is totally ones choice to be part of it or not, if you feels at heart that I have earned enough and can enjoy my life without being into this ever lasting race you should start enjoying your life.(However Due to commercialization terms have changed from satisfied to enjoying, as satisfaction from within and to enjoy you need to buy something, visit somewhere, watch or play something in all you need to earn and spent money to enjoy!)

    Chitra Rana

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    In my opinion, financially freedom is a relative term.
    1) Poor people define financially freedom as earning some money to survive the day.
    2) Middle class people define financially freedom as earning money so that they don't need to be financially tight in any situation.
    3) Rich people define financially freedom as becoming the richest person of the world.
    4) Richest person of the world defines financially freedom as staying in that position throughout his/her life.

    This is a joke I recently heard. A person goes into a four floor apartment which has money in all floors such that each floor has more money than its predecessor. The person can take the money he/she finds in a floor but should return the money found in the previous floor. So, the person goes to first floor - finds Rs. 10000, gets satisfied but wants to see what is in the second floor. So, the person goes to second floor - finds Rs. 1000000, gets very satisfied but wants to see what is in the third floor. So, the person goes to third floor - finds Rs. 10000000, gets very very satisfied but wants to see what is in the fourth floor. So, the person goes to fourth floor and finds an electronic board on the wall displaying 'You are the 123456789010th person who came to this floor. Humans never get satisfied.'

    Let us continue learning.

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