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    Business tactic of Junior colleges by spoiling students’ career

    I came to know that many junior colleges promoting their +2 passed students for +3 (B. Sc or B.A.) admissions instead of B. Tech, B.A. or other Diploma courses. Actually I'm undertaken one of the Engineering college of Vijayawada's admission in-charge for B. Tech, M. Tech and MBA courses. During a survey in coaching centres & colleges and counselling to students I noticed and got information that several +2 colleges now started +3 courses and promotes their students by saying that there is no scope of B. Tech, B.A. and other Diploma courses. They can do better in +3 and go for various govt. jobs later. Why this wrong information by the management and how the parents too mold with them?
    Comment please.
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    I think the college managements has the reason to believe that every year so many Engineering students pass out successfully but fail to get any campus interview or fail to get direct opportunity to seek jobs in companies. Some high profile colleges are having their branches in each company and thus recommend the bright students for the jobs or training in that company. So having failed to go to that level of diplomacy the junior colleges are now harping on Degree courses and recommending the same to the Intermediate passed students to pursue the same and take regular coaching for the Bank PO and government post exams. And it is the fact that in coming years there are going to be more bank and government job vacancies as many employees are going to be retired due to their superannuation time. Therefore there is nothing wrong for the colleges to recommend degree courses instead of Engineering.
    K Mohan
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    The education by most of private college is sheer business, nothing less. Like all other commercial ventures, the educational institutions also market their wares and resort to all kinds of marketing strategies. They advertise on the television, internet and what not. While typing a response in the text box of the forum section of ISC also , we can encounter many such advertisements of various private educational institutions.
    However at the same time , it is true also that there had been a mushroom growth of many private engineering and management colleges. Many seats are remaining vacant and a majority of the engineering degree passed students are unemployed. B.Tech degree holder students are not able to get even a technician level job.
    Perhaps the trend has become like a fashion which repeat itself periodically. Even in the past people used to do B. A., B.Com., B.Sc. like courses instead of B.Tech etc.

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    These days, engineering colleges are growing rapidly. When I joined engineering three years back, the student who got 6/160 in EAMCET (Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test) Andhra Pradesh was also given a rank which means he/she is also given an engineering seat somewhere. I am not insulting anyone here but just stating the facts. As lakhs of students are completing engineering every year, it is likely that many of them won't get jobs. So, it is acceptable if junior college recommend such courses. On the other hand, such recommendations should not be given to genius students as obviously, engineering is better than B.Sc etc,. due to the fields it covers. Junior colleges may or may not spoil students in this way but they are forcing students to study more and more to get a rank in JEE mains, JEE advanced etc., which is even leading to suicides.

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