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    Barriers in Education. Is it a system or our mentality? Good or Bad?

    Compared to other countries, why our education system has several barriers?
    Why the children have no rights/freedom choose their subject/choice of interest in studies at an early stage?
    Do you think selecting painting, singing, music, martial art, sports, etc as a main subject in high school is wrong?
    Why these are secondary or called as extracurricular activities in during high school. What are the good and bad facets of this?
    Please comment.
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    Normally most of the parents are interested to see their children having flying colors in the academics and wont send them to other activities. I know some parents have not allowed their children to opt for NCC training during their high school period and thus the boy lost that chance even though he was very much interested. What his parents felt that , if he chose to be busy with NCC, he cannot score rank in 10th class exam which is important for future success. That way even dance, music and sports are not being allowed by many parents. If the student is weak in studies, then the parents also consider them for any other activities. This is the the fact.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Though the system is one way good but compelling all such activities for all is not good as many could not afford to the same. Moreover many schools in present day especially in metro cities are introducing such extra curriculum as its part and parcel of their activities and many so called rich parents and eager parents admitting them into such schools whereas the eager parents borrows money heavily for their prestige. such curriculum are to be introduced in schools only at option or free service. Many schools are seeing money by such prestigious extra curriculum. I have seen in some schools they are providing Air conditioned class rooms and air conditioned bus for picking and dropping students and charging hefty.

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