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    While posting threads, do you watch for the names of the members on line ?

    We all know that ISC has the great feature called members online through which we could able to gauge the regular members having their contributions right now. If you want certain and immediate response to your post, then see for your favorite member on line and raise the thread. Surely you get the response immediately after posting the same. For me I have the main advantage of posting the thread at the wee hours and thus the whole day the thread would be attracting and it would be trending here. What is your say on this ?
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    I generally don't watch as to who are the members online while posting any thread or response in the forum section or time the posting according to the availability of any particular member. As a matter of fact, using the recently introduced feature, I have myself hidden my availability online.
    However I do glance over the right side pane sometimes in between to see as to who are members present during any particular time slot.
    Earlier I used to wait for appearance of ME at around 11 AM in the forenoon, but I think she has also used the feature which doesn't allow visibility, though her presence is felt by appearance of threads/responses/announcement etc.
    The reason of waiting for her was to know about certain important announcement of the day or declaration of results of some contest etc.
    By now, I have somewhat become familiar with the general trends of availability of regular members.

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    After reading this thread, I am thinking why didn't I get this idea till now. A big thank you Mr. K Mohan. Sometimes, forum threads go unanswered. There are some senior members who respond to almost all threads. If a forum thread is raised considering the online members at that time, it might get responses other than the responses from senior members.

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    I generally do not see who is online. But if I need to send a message to some member or want to report something to editors/WM, I see who is available online for fast reaching the same.
    @KailashKumar#571868 : I am not aware of the feature you mentioned as "...using the recently used feature, I have myself hidden my availability online". What is it and how to hide? (Condone, seems I think I missed some info)

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    @Venkiteswaran (#571902) : There is a feature in ISC which enables members to be invisible in the list 'Online Members' at the bottom right of ISC pages even when they are online. To do that, go to Dashboard - Security Settings - Privacy Settings and remove check for the 'Allow others to see my online status'.

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    Venkiteswaran Ji- Under privacy settings following options are given -
    1. Allow others to send me messages
    2. Allow others to send me virtual gifts
    3. Allow others to see my online status
    4. Allow others to add me as friend
    The members can choose according to their choice and preference.
    This was announced by the Webmaster on following thread when ME had returned from her very brief absence -

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    Is there any fire at ISC to post messages and get a quick response from the members? ISC functions 24x7, and there is no need to get an instant response to any thread. Keep posting your messages and responses blindly anticipating some response from some members to whom your message would be interesting. I don't look at the names of members on line.
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    I have the habit of checking for the online members. I do that when I log in to the ISC. But I check just out of curiosity as to who is online and not while posting thread for responses. When I check it once, I don't do it repeatedly.

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