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    Do umbrellas really protect people from rains?

    Almost all of us use various types of umbrellas during rains. Few individuals use the same during summers also as a protection from bright sunlight.
    I sometimes wonder, if the umbrellas actually protect us from rains.
    Also it requires dexterity to handle umbrellas during winds blowing fast.
    During this monsoon, let us pay out tributes to umbrellas by reminiscing about its various aspects.
    We can share tips also as to what types of umbrellas are best buys, where it should be stacked in the house, and the appropriate size, color design etc. of the umbrellas.
    How often people lose their umbrellas and what are the main challenges in managing the same? Also finally the ubiquitous question - do umbrellas really protect people from rains?
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    What I feel that umbrellas are used during rainy season just to protect the head and I fear umbrellas would protect our clothes getting wet due to rain. More over the size of the umbrella and the wind during the rains matters. If it is a drizzle and continues for many hours, taking the help of umbrella would be better. If the rain is lashing with much amount of wind, then staying back at a place would be recommended. While people are habituated to have bath in cold water and their health permits, but the same people are exposed to running nose or cold when they drench in the rain water. That is the reason being so , people use the umbrellas to protect their head. In this regard I also get pity at the people who take shelter beneath a tree when the rains come. Please note that trees cannot protect us from being wet and in fact we would experience more water as the collected rain water on the branches and leaves would also fall on our head.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, off course! Since childhood I'm very fond of using umbrellas instead of raincoats. This is because; there is a charm & love of handling an umbrella in your hand and some other things in another hand. Umbrellas might create for rainy season, but the inventor doesn't know that it can be helpful for summer also. Nowadays, the percentage of rainfall is very low as compared to sunny days. And due to this most of the people use umbrellas in summer instead of rainy days. We must very thankful for umbrella and the discoverer.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Well, frankly speaking - my umbrella does not!

    I am from Goa and most of us are aware how it rains in Goa. The umbrella cannot help me getting drenched. It is only because people will be calling me names if I do not carry an umbrella.

    Raincoats are best for protection against rains, but they come with another disadvantage of having to remove and put on them frequently.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Yes ofcourse! But if the rain is heavy downpour, the umbrellas are,except the old one - long handled, not good as the force and swirling air turn up the umbrella. In such situations the raincoat is good. But the usage of raincoat also hinders sometimes that we unable to take the same inside the place where we are visiting suddenly or keep in outside as if the umbrella.

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    During my Mumbai days, I used to see many fancy designs of folding umbrellas. Many people used to forget to pick their umbrellas from the counters of local train tickets as they had to keep it for buying the ticket. The people who used to work at such ticket windows were the most dependable sellers of the umbrellas at the cheapest possible rates.
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