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    How will you handle your mental stress?

    Now a days, stress is a common word among the people. Each and every one in the world is running to achieve something. In the fast and the busy world, many people are suffering from mental stress. The reason for stress may vary but almost half of the people will express their stress in the form of anger. Mental stress is a serious issue and will lead to physical sickness. To reduce mental stress each one of us will handle our own method.

    When I am stressed I will sleep well or will listen to my favorite music or will stay silent and speak to myself.

    What method will you handle when you are filled with mental stress?
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    I prefer to stay busy when I suffer with mental stress. Busy with things I like to do, like making and DIY craft, playing with my kid, writing something(any story or just day schedule and wanted changes), reading book, articles(always successful in taking me away from stressful life).
    Some people on name of reducing the stress increases it with help of sad music or reading sad poems. Anything which makes you happy should be done regularly.
    Stress can't be overcome by thinking about it better way is to ignore it by getting busy into anything other than stress itself.
    Once you find your way to overcome it, it becomes easy, even mind likes working towards positivism.
    I noticed recently only that when I am lightly stressed my mind chooses to think about happy memories like when I laughed loud last time. Suddenly I smiles and my soul feels lighter.

    Chitra Rana

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    Mental stress are in us due to first, misunderstanding, feeling urgency unnecessarily, hastiness, lack of toleration etc., The finest solution is regular meditation. I used to do meditation every morning so, I have some tolerance in mind so that I could avoid stress. Moreover I do not urge myself in matters as everything will go on its own way only and we cannot change by ourselves. If we sit in the bus with urgency in going to a particular place, we cannot force the bus driver to go fast but we have to sit in the bus with patience even we face traffic jam. Like this everything, if we think in this way, our mind will get calm.

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    I immerse myself with work at ISC or writing at my blogs. I also like to unload on my long time friends either through a phone call or via an email or chat. Both these avenues make me feel better not just when mentally stressed out but also when feeling sad. Talking to a friend is like getting a soothing hug, calming one's nerves. I could do with one such virtual hug today from my ISC family after getting news of a sweet old lady in our building passing away & me feeling low.
    Managing Editor,

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    Well, of late I get those bouts of stress and insecurity feelings quite often due to certain issues I currently have with my life. The most important I do when such bouts hit me is to indulge into writing or reading. Reading what interests me the most. I have always found that reading relieves my stress more often than not.

    If, at times, the stress goes to a level that is unbearable - I just move out and take a stroll - all alone! That lets me have a little introspection on what I need to do and how. When I come back home, I am much relieved.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Handling stress comes by experience alone as the different individuals are attuned to handle it in different ways according to their own peculiar set of circumstances. However the common denominator to all concerned is that, one should not take it very seriously and get carried away by the same.
    In general meditation is said to be the panacea for handling stress. Many people listen to music or go for long drives or just stroll. There has to be someone very close to share and discuss the concerns causing stressful situations. Often people get stressed when nothing can be done to salvage the scenario.
    I personally don't take stressful situations too seriously as I generally take them as a part of the game. One should always be prepared for the worst. Generally the human beings always remain concerned with certain type of situations which are likely to cause them pain.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I would like to give a very good suggestion in this regard which I am following and getting better results. When you are working at the office or studying at the college, do not think about the home or other related problems. Likewise when you have arrived at the home, do not bring office issues or challenges or tasks and discuss at the home. This way you can forget the stress and you will have good time. If you think more about the unattended problem or the task, your blood pressure would raise and cause tension. So be cool and never get agitated even if big problem is encountered. Because I strongly feel that every problem has the definite solution and we need not worry about that. Moreover when happiness comes to us we wont reveal to others , like wise when problems and challenges comes to us we should not reveal the same through stress. Still if you are unable to control your stress, then listen to some soothing music.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    When I am in stress, I avoid talking to people until it is gone because stress mostly comes out as anger. This anger may spoil relationships with friends, colleagues etc,. Also, I try to watch a movie (in my computer) when I am in stress. That keeps me out of anger and eventually leads to relief. In addition, I sometimes listen to music through ear phones or head phones. There is no guarantee but it mostly reduces stress. It is better to listen to classical music than the music being composed these days.

    Let us continue learning.

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