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    How do you reset your day, your life?

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    We all have some achievements and some disappointments with life. In between these happy and sad days there are some boring, routine days which we do not like a lot. How do you handle those routine monotonous days? How you make you life active again, what makes you feel your day was used properly?
    At times when you feel, 'alright, I am done with it, Now i will change a few things", How do you decide from where to start the change?
    How do you realize this is what I want and this is what I do not want in my day, everyday?
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    In order to feel my day has been productive I usually exercise at home or go out for a walk. Else I do something I had my mind on for quite sometime but hadn't got the time. This can be anything from rearranging a room to a DIY art project to going out somewhere.
    When it comes to bringing a change in daily routine, one has to ascertain for themselves which part of their day is going waste and how can that time be used beneficially. Sit down and chalk out which part of your day you yourself feel can be better utilized. Most often the time we waste the most is the time spent on watching TV or useless surfing of internet/social media sites or for some it can be gaming. This indiscriminate waste of time is what can be utilized for something better.
    Start small, with just 1 or 2 additions to your schedule but keep their timing fixed. Ensure you follow them for a week atleast and then soon enough they will be become an integral part of your daily schedule.


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    Every day after wake up we must thankful to God for a new life and wish positively with a great smile so that the whole day will be fruitful and run wisely. Everyone must have some desires, workloads, duties, routine activities, etc. Just keep them one side and with a positive mindset if we go for our work/job/activities I think everything will be happen smoothly. Everything depends upon our mind, the things happens in our daily life is due to our thoughts. If we set our mind positively after waking up in the morning, then everything will be reset accordingly. Human psychology is very powerful in the universe, due to which now scientist can travel in to other planet and creates un-imaginative techniques day by day. So, resetting the day is nothing but staying in present moment by removing everything from past and analysing the future.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Ideally there should not be any gaps to think about filling up the same. Of course it depends on the personal profile of individual concerned. Persons in different age groups and different backgrounds are likely to have different goals and targets to meet.
    However, few things are common to all concerned e.g. despite planning to any extent, the things may or may not turn up the way one wishes.
    There is no end of progress. One should never conclude that he/she has achieved everything and it is now time to take rest and enjoy, though there may be celebrations in between after achieving something big.
    One can always try to learn something new or complete an online course. The other alternates are to get engaged in online content writing etc.
    Dreaming big is also one of the prerequisites of being labeled as being alive. One is as dead as a dodo in case the aspirations die.
    It is difficult, but not impossible. One should believe in himself/herself and continuously starve to do something more.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please remember we wont get the success every day and we should be ready to face the challenges and even sad moments on some days. Even the law of average says that out of five one will be successful. That means out of five days we may be successful for one or two days and other days would be negative and no results. Never mind. In business it always happens. Some times the push cart vendor wont sell anything even up to late evening. Suddenly he finds scores of buyers when he is about to move to his home with frustration. One thing is sure if we do not adjust our life with a firm hope for tomorrow, then living would be difficult and soar.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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