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    When you are going out and locking the houe will you tell the neighbor ?

    We are all either living in apartments or Independent houses which are located close by to one another and surely we are having the benefit of having company of neighbors in good or bad times. While going out or locking the house, it is imperative that we inform the neighbor so that if any one comes for us , they can tell the where about of us. Moreover we should have good relations with the neighbor and never pick up quarrels for petty reasons. Thus by having cordial relations , we can even leave our home keys with them if any of our family members happen to visit our house in between. Do you keep cordial relation with neighbors ?
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    Yes we used to inform our neighbours when we go for more than a couple of days locking the house. In apartments it is easy and required. People also do that in smaller towns where they are residing in independent houses and have close by neighbours. There the neighbours will take the responsibility of switching on the entrance lights at nights during the absence.
    If relatives are staying nearby, a set of keys are also given to them. In apartments also some good neighbours follow that.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    It is better to inform your neighbour while going out for a long holiday or short tour. This is because, there are certain reasons, which may knowingly or unknowingly happen with you.
    1. May be your water tab burst and flows throughout the house.
    2. May be someone in your family forget to switch off the cooking gas stove.
    3. While leaving may be current was gone, and you forget to switch off the lights, fans, fridge and other electrical goods and suddenly due to high voltage or lightning any short circuit occur in your house.
    4. May be an important notice/letter/document arrives by post/courier which you're looking for months and years.
    5. May be your house was attempted by thieves at late night and neighbours recognized by sound.
    Actually I came across with the first situation. When I went in Dashera holidays to my hometown and the water tab burst out and my office was full of water. One of my computers got damaged which I kept down.
    So, it's better to inform your neighbours while going outside.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Yes we inform our neighbor when we are locking and going out of town for 2-3 days. But we don't inform just for a day or everytime while going to office. It is always better to inform neighbor when you won't be at home for more than 2 days so that they can have a watch even at your house.

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    It is better to inform our neighbors when we go out for long time like a week or more. If there is an important letter, courier etc., our neighbors can receive it and give it to us when we get home. Also, if there are thieves, burglars etc., our neighbors can report to police. If we are very closely related to our neighbors, it is better to give them a spare key in case any problem like short circuit, water leakage occurs. Anyways, we should maintain a good relationship with our neighbors for any of this to happen.

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    In Hyderabad there is a arrangement that we also inform our area police station so that they will have night vigil on our house and properties but user charges are levied.
    K Mohan
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    In this modern world, there are people who don't even know their neighbors. One should definitely maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with their neighbors. It is always advised to inform the neighbors when we go out for more than 2 days. In case of emergency, we can reach out to them for timely help.

    I usually inform my neighbors when I go for a long trip. So that they can help me in taking care of my house as well.

    Informing neighbors is a form of protection!

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    We have lived in many cities in different parts of India and therefore have rich experience about various types of neighbors. It is different in apartments than what it is in the case of independent houses. We had neighbors who used to take our milk supplies and heat the same also before our arrival on informing them. Once we accommodated a neighbor's daughter and son-in-law in our guest room, when there was electrical fault and their AC was not working. They used to offer to take meals with them in case of our return from outstation tours.
    Before mobile phones becoming popular, generally courier boy or postman used to inquire from the neighbors only about the whereabouts of the individual concerned. We have given keys also to the neighbors though kept master bedroom locked.
    At the same time there should not be excessive propaganda about the outstation trips. Relationship with neighbors is developed on reciprocal basis.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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