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    Is English out-dating? Why such trend in speaking and messaging? What’re the side effects?

    The three questions I asked in the title of this thread are about English in this age, which is mostly spoken by school and colleges students due to their excess spending of time in Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike and other chatting sites.
    1. Do you think English is out-dating?
    I think English is at its place. The grammar, books and teaching pattern also not changed; however student's style of reading and speaking changed.

    2. Why such trend in speaking and messaging?
    I think such trend is due to excess use of mobiles, internet and social-networking-chat sites which are highly recommended by parents nowadays.

    3. What're the side effects?
    The side effect is nothing but the excess of use of slang/chat languages by small children in classroom and also in their writing pattern.

    Members please elaborate your views in this regard so that parents and teacher get understand why English is out-dating by their children.
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    English is not outdated and it will never be. But there is definitely a change in writing and speaking patter. And as you said, the reason could be SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook. I see many people use short forms in writing and the same will become their writing habit. For example, them is used as dem, my is used as ma, thanks as the etc. Once, even I was used to such writing and wrote in many a times every where. Thanks to ISC because of which I again started using proper words while writing. The trend in writing and talking has changed now even in small kids. I think there is no side effects with this, but there should not come a day when proper words and pronunciation is forgotten by kids and implement these short forms everywhere.

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    Use of English language as a means of communication is growing as always. English is a dynamic language and adopts to the changes which occur with the changing times. Every year a list of new words adopted in the English language is published.
    However advent of internet and mobile /smart phones have introduced another set of vocabulary due to technical compulsions. The text box of the mobile phones having character limits , compelled the SMS users to adopt texting language i.e. words in abbreviated forms. The same became prevalent in internet/emails also by the users who had adopted texting language.
    Speed of typing was also an factor. Stress was on communicating the message instead of on adhering to the unblemished English grammar. Even on ISC forum we find newly joined members using texting language in the beginning. Many users don't write their names starting with a capital letter as per requirement of the Victorian English grammar of writing proper nouns beginning with a capital letter.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think earlier that pattern developed due to the limited space provided by messengers. Then it became habit and kind of cool thing to write that way. But If you see that no professional world has acquired that way of communication.
    They are still continuing the traditional way of English. I also thanks to ISC which helped in getting rid of writing in short forms. Now even in chat or different post on social networks, I post or communicate with complete words. This started looking odd to a few but later others have followed same with me. So I think it depends on you.
    This is very like we keep different nick names of our friends and use those while chatting in group but lateer we have to continue with our real and complete name. Nick name like Don, Chiku, Chittu or Maharana (given to me during college) are no more with me. So is with that type of English. Another thing which is also spoiling our habit on name of helping is 'prediction'. We carelessly keep on typing alphabets without caring about right spelling of a word. Auto prediction make it right or provide options for using different words. This all is making our mind lazy and less active. Like we use to remember b'day, phone number of friends, relative but now every one depends on social networking sites.

    Chitra Rana

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    Since we were ruled by British earlier before 1948, we have been given a chance to learn English otherwise English would not have come into picture of India and the language Hindi dominated before British also was because of Vast area covered by Muslim Kingdom. From the Period of Akbar, the Great only the other languages came into vogue.

    Earlier we were speaking British English now we all talking sorry trained to talk in American English. Moreover, as for as Indians concerned we should concentrate in our Indian Languages rather than any and English should be used as communicative language where we could not speak other state language. I used to talk only in all respective vernacular languages in all states and use English only to those whose mother tongue I do not know.

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    We Indians speak English only for professional purposes. The reading and writing style is changing only due to the social networking sites like Facebook, etc,. Even Americans are doing this but they know their language and hence there is no problem for them. On the other hand, if we change our style like that, it will be a problem. Recently, one of my friends wrote a letter to his relative in America through gmail for the purpose of studying abroad. That letter involved sentences like 'i Have shortlisted some skols'. The American immediately sent some links to him for learning punctuation, grammar etc,. He later showed me this and I was stunned. I felt that this is what happens if we do excessive chatting. I am proud to say that I don't do chatting at all and that helps me not to degrade my English speaking skills.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I wont agree with the author that English language getting out dated. I do agree that with the advent of SMS, Whats app, Facebook, the people have started using short cut words so that faster communication can be done. That does not mean that those writers does not know the right English. The youth has coined the short cut method of writing. For example before you has been written as b4u. Here we can also appreciate the creativeness of the young generation who has the ability to convey their feelings through short cut method of words writing. Nevertheless this practice must be stopped and I am advising the young ones on social media not to follow short cut writing methods.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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