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    Are hospitals taking advantage of medical insurance?

    Having a health insurance reduces the burden of a patient and his family from hospital expenses. The entire hospital bill can be claimed by insurance. But I feel hospitals are taking advantage of these insurance. First thing the hospital does is, they will ask if a patient has an health insurance and if patient says yes then they ask him to get admitted. Even if it is a normal fever they ask patient to get admitted. I have seen an instance were doctor told the patient to get admitted since he had insurance. Doctor even told the patient, if you get admitted you don't have to pay anything and even we will get money to hospital. This way I think some of the hospitals take advantage of this insurance scheme.
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    It's a tie-up or one kind of mutual agreement between Insurance Company and Hospitals. Where the Hospital authority has agreed to provide the entire patient's insurance to that particular insurance company. There're both side benefits. The insurance company will be benefited by showing excess number of health insurance to government and its ranking will also increase. Simultaneously, hospitals will be benefits as there'll be no hindrance in collecting medical fees from the patient.
    But in major cases, if a person is insured with health insurance and claiming for medical bills, the returns will be too less compared to the original expenses.

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    It is heard that some hospitals are doing like this. The way they are asking whether the patient is covered under any insurance itself makes one to think like this. But in some hospitals the scheme offered by governments (free schemes) are treated well, I heard.

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    Some of the major hospital chains are even running their sister health insurance companies. I don't know exactly , but the names of the some health insurance companies suggests so e.g. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Ltd., MAX Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. etc.
    Though it is said that in almost all insurance sectors, the insurance agents tend to sometimes mislead the insurance products buyers, but in health insurance sector, it is particularly prevalent. Often the agents misguide the buyers to hide certain information about pre-existing diseases etc. In such cases often the buyers don't get the intended benefits at the time of need on the ground that the requisite information was not revealed and thus the policy was obtained fraudulently.
    One has to be very careful while buying a health insurance product , particularly in revealing factual information about the health condition.
    Also it is sometimes heard that hospitals are prone to carry out avoidable surgical operations, just to inflate their bills because of the existing health insurance policies.
    In developed countries like US, health insurance is mandatory and the whole show revolves around insurance policies.

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