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    What are the difference between "Meeting" and Convention ?

    I was watching a International channel for news and got this doubt, In India the election rallies are called as meeting in which the big leaders are mobilized to talk for hours together in support of candidates standing in those areas for assembly or Parliament. But in US which is going to the polls shortly , they call it as Convention. Like what our leaders do, they are also campaigning and mobilizing support for the candidates. Now I call upon the learned members to give clear differences between the meeting and the convention and if possible with examples for easy understanding.
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    Technically, a convention is a meeting of delegates or representatives. It may be noted that the word convention has other conventional meanings also, but here it is being taken in the sense of a meeting. In such gatherings normally the invited individuals meet at a pre-determined place, at a pre-determined time to interact on something of common interest. Some of the typical examples of conventions are an industry or a profession convention. Convention centers are developed in major cities for the purpose. There are other types of specialized meetings like an academic conference, seminar, symposium, workshop etc. There are political rallies and religious congregations also.
    Meeting on the other hand is an event when two or more persons come together to talk about or discuss, often in a formal setting. There may be annual general meetings or a board meeting of a company.
    Nowadays people say that they are in a meeting when they don't want to talk to an individual who calls on their mobile phone.
    Dating too is a kind of specialized meeting.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Meeting is a kind of gathering of some group of people for a purpose. Convention is a synonym of meeting. However the difference is, in convention only delegates attend the meeting to elect or choose their party's nominee. Convention is mostly used in US and other Western countries. However in some countries like China, they use the term meeting-convention in case of gathering for elections / nominations. In India we always called it as meeting for every reason.
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