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    Do you always fear of troubles in life?

    There is a famous Sanskrit saying that Chitti dohati nirjivam ; Chintaya dahate sajeevam means chitti means fire when a person died he will be burnt according Hindu's religion last performing rites and the trouble will burn when you are in alive.So do you fear of thinking troubles that what will happen like this in future or you face that trouble with strong determination.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question
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    I do not fear of troubles that I have to face in future instead I think of how to handle it being strong. You cannot predict when you will have troubles in your life until it arrives so there is no point in imagining about troubles and fearing that. If there is something that we know is sure to be a trouble for me in future then I think of ways to avoid it or face it rather than fearing it.
    I feel nobody should think of it and fear for it. It is just part of life and we should just move on as a normal day and try not to think much of it.

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    I am tempted to share a story heard from someone long back. There was a gentleman who was a widower and used to live alone as his children were away from home due to job etc. He used to be always worried. On inquiring he revealed that he is worried thinking about as to what will happen if he will die some day during night. The next morning who will pick the news paper thrown by the news paper vendor or attend the milkman who will ring the doorbell. When he was explained that it is not his concern, but instead others will have to take care of such affairs after his death, he got the point and started living normally without worrying much.
    Thus if we are inclined to worry, there is no end of that.
    Perhaps the worst kind is fear is the fear about death. Not only one's own but about the others also who are near and dear one.
    It is easier said than done to not to worry.
    It requires philosophy to understand the enigma of life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Isn't fear a good thing? After all it is what that drives you towards success. Your fear of death, drives you more towards life.
    Fear is a gift. Embrace it.
    Fear of future, makes you foresighted. You start being careful.

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    The Sanskrit verse may be written as follows, to understand better.
    "Chitaa dahati nirjeevam; chintaa dahati jeevinaam"

    That means the 'chitaa', funeral pyre burns the dead, but the 'chintaa', worries they burn and kill the living. The previous line for this verse says that between 'chitaa' and 'chintaa' there is a difference of just one dot*. But one burns the lifeless and the other burns the live.( *If we write the two words in Sanskrit or Hindi, we can understand that the difference is of a dot above the line between the two phonetic parts.)

    The moral here is that worries are more damaging to us and one should not keep worries.
    Worry comes when we feel uncertain and helpless. However the truly pious and unattached does not worry because he takes whatever comes as pre-destined and keeps self confidence, puts faith in God and does what is best possible.

    Psychoneuroimmunology researches have found that cynical attitudes and negative emotions can induce biological responses which may lead to cardiovascular problems. Heart specialists have almost come to believe that mind is the place the heart problems start. Proves old (knowledge) is gold and glitters ever.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    No one in this world is a perfect, master or accurate in any subject? Everyone must have a little bit of fear about his career / education / job / family / safety / protection / money / income / health / anything else. The King of Lanka also has fear of Rama, due to which he always prays to Lord Shiva and asks for long live. Scientists even after a long experiment and technical implementation pray God for a successful in their projects.
    There must be some fear or apprehension in everybody's mind, so that they never neglect, over expect or over estimate in any subject. Fear may sound ugly, but it helps creating difficult works easy.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    There is no need to be afraid of troubles which may or may not occur in future. If we do that, we cannot lead our life happily as we spend our entire time worrying. Failures or problems are faced by every person in the world but those failures or problems are the ones which lead us towards success. It is proved by researchers that negative thoughts (in this case, worrying about troubles which may come in future) reduce our life time by causing health issues. So, try to be happy and make others happy.

    Let us continue learning.

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