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    Would you talk to your old teacher if you spot him/her in the crowd?

    We all grow up and come out of schools. Some will have touch with their school teachers and make sure to visit them once in a while. Some people might never think of visiting their teachers. They might that there is no need to visit them. Also some of the teachers might forget most of their students face as they teach 1000's of students. Sometimes, when we go out to some place may be market or shopping or something like that, we may spot one of our teachers in the crowd.
    In that case, would you go and talk to your teacher and introduce yourself as her old student? Or would you just walk away from her without greeting her?
    I feel one should always go and talk to their teachers. With these small gestures, teachers will always feel very happy and delighted. They feel very happy that their old student came and spoke to her.
    Respect to teacher should be there even after we pass out of the school and not only on teachers day while studying in that school.
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    It depends on the mutual relationships. Generally people will come forward to meet only those teachers with whom they have developed some special kind of relationship e.g. the teachers who had gone out of their way to help/guide the student concerned.
    Once I was travelling in train in second AC compartment. The berth opposite to my lower berth was occupied by an elderly professor like gentleman. I had never met him nor had seen him. However through overhearing his conversation with the students who had come to see off, I came to know that he is an eminent professor of chemistry. We had read textbooks written by him. He was concerned as to who will help him in alighting from the train at his destination station.
    Despite not being his student in the conventional sense, I volunteered to take the responsibility and looked after him throughout the long journey.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I will talk to my old teacher definitely. This incident happened to me once. When I went to examination center for writing final exams of 10th standard, I saw the teacher who taught me social studies years back. I recognized him and he too recognized me. We talked for sometime. If students do that, it really makes teachers happy. Now a days, many students are not even wishing their present teachers good morning etc,. This behavior must change.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I wouldn't lie. I would see that I won't get recognized by them.
    Not that I'm naughty or something, but I try to run away from past.
    Honestly though if they spot me,I'd stop by and talk to them.
    It's an unease in their ways,that alienates them for us.

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    I would gladly reach upto him/her and talk.
    It will be a very special feeling to meet our teachers of lower classes.

    But it may not be so easy for them to recollect and recognise us due to the long gap that occurred between. However the magic words' I am your student' will bring a an instant sparkle in their eyes. For me, it is relatively less chance to meet my old school teachers,because I had moved out of the place after my primary classes. But I will definitely dream such a meeting.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I was a student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Since after schooling, we all met in Alumni Meet every year. Due to long gap and staying out of station we're rarely meet our teachers. However, many teachers are in contact through Facebook. Sometime I chat with them too. It will be my fortune if I meet any teacher or see for a while. In JNV, I've studied from class 6th to +2; in this long seven years journey the relation and feeling is completely different, which can be understood by a JNV student only.
    Naresh Kumar
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    All my teachers who taught me must be in their old age. So, there is no chance to spot them in a crowd. Yes. If I happen to spot them by luck, I would go to them, wish them, introduce myself as their old student and take blessings from them.

    Once I met my 3rd standard teacher Mr. Subramaniya Iyer. He was a poor teacher with six children (5 girls and one boy). He was a poverty stricken teacher. I was his tuition boy and knew about his family condition. He was also a good friend of my father. After many years, I met him in a crowded main bus station. Since I was his pet student, he recognized me and said," Dey, Eppadi Irukke, ( Hey, How are you?) I said, 'I am fine sir,' and invited him for a coffee. He politely said ," No Thank you." Then I enquired about his family. He said,"All well by the grace of the Lord." Then he smiled and said ," Nee nallaa Santhosama Iru." ( Always be happy and good)

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    Sushma ji! I have a reply for your posting in the opposite line. As a teacher I was identified once by my student.Once I was identified by a person from a car passed by my side on the road where I was waiting for bus. A man alight from the car and came to me by telling that he was my student of Accountancy Higher classes five years back and he told me that he was working as a chief manager in a Bank. I was in the teaching profession as taking classes to Higher Accountancy classes to the students pursuing the course both by general students and working class people. I just felt very proud by seeing him by saying so. That time I really felt the pride of teaching profession.

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    I would be happy to meet my past teacher if I happen to see her or him in the market place. Once I had been to temple and on returning I found my Civics teacher standing at a construction site and the building seems to be big. I was wondering first as to why she was standing there as I know she wont reside here. Any way I took the chance to say hello. She also reciprocated but she forgotten me by face as I met her after 29 years. Then I recalled the 1978-80 batch of CEC group and she immediately recognized and called me by name Mohan. Because when self government day was held in my college, I acted like her and got a dictionary prize from her.
    K Mohan
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    Whether they were good or bad, they do teach us a lot of lessons of the syllabus as well as for the life.

    To be honest, it will totally depend on who that teacher is. If s(he) is one of the dearest teachers, I will meet him/her. If s(he) is a normal teacher, I will meet him. If s(he) is a teacher who never taught our class, I would still go and meet him/her. But, if s(he) is a bad teacher who never seemed like a teacher to me from any angle, I would just ignore him/her just like we ignore unimportant people. I might blame myself to see their faces.

    It really depends on one's personal experiences and realizations.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Definitely, I would prefer to talk and would like to discuss all those sweet memories occurred during that moment. But there are also some teachers who are not so close to us though we know them. In this case, the situation may arise that he/she would have forgotten us and after seeing us they won't recognise. So, I would personally ignore them in the crowd.
    With regards,
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