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    “KABALI”mania or frenzy or promo ;-companies declare paid holiday on release date

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    I am seeing such frenzy for the first time in my life. I had not heard about any such things from anybody. Companies are reluctant to declare full paid holiday even for elections.

    But now when the much hyped Rajanikant starrer Tamil movie 'Kabali' is set to release in a few days, the frenzy has gone to such level that Rajani fans and movie buffs are applying leave en masse. As per media reports,one company has notified that they "have decided holiday on 22nd2016 in efforts to avoid piled up leave request.." and have taken an extra mile by 'providing free tickets.." to the film on release date. That is from a Chennai company Fyndus India Pvt Ltd. Another Chennai based company MSLIVE notified that to avoid large number of leave request, they are declaring July 22 a 'paid leave' and 'as an extra bonus' providing free tickets. It is also reported in media that Bengaluru based Opus Waterproofing also has taken similar step.
    Now that such news have come out, we can expect a follow on from many similar companies and employers.
    Can it be a real manifestation of mass expectation for the Super star film Kabali or a well planned tied-up promo venture? Anyway many fans may be envying the employees who are lucky this way.
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    There are few related facts-
    1. A Rajinikanth release is otherwise also generally treated as an unofficial holiday in Tamil Nadu.
    2. There is an online petition requesting the Chief Minister Jayalalitha to declare July 22 as a public holiday.
    3. Air Asia which is Kabali's airline partner has offered 'Rajni Class' tickets for Rajinikanth fans. The ticket will cost Rs. 7,860 and the package will include a movie ticket, an audio CD, Kabali merchandise, breakfast, lunch and snacks besides air ticket.
    4. The Puducherry Government is giving free tickets to residents of Sellipet panchayat who build toilets in their homes for watching Kabali .
    5. The movie is expected to have box office collection of more than Rs 200 crore in the first three days.

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    Even I heard of that news were few companies in Chennai and also in Bangalore has declared June 22nd as a holiday. People want to watch rajani's first day show and would take leave so instead companies itself has declared leave. There is always hype created for all the rajani's movie but declaring holiday is something I am hearing for the first time. This shows the strong love of his fan followers. No other actor's movie are hyped to this extent.

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    This is one more testimony to show that Rajni has the fans following beyond expectations of any other actors. By declaring holiday by the IT companies to watch the movie Kabali on that day, it has given free and more publicity to the public and arose more interest to watch the much hyped film. Meanwhile there are negative campaign going on against this film in the social media to boycott because Rajni never bothered to visit his fans during Chennai floods and now how can they support his film. Surely there is going to be challenging time for Rajni. This is going to be acid test and probably the last film in his career and then he would plunge into politics.
    K Mohan
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    Earlier Chiranjeevi movies in Andhra Pradesh is having this kind of hype.When Chiru movie was celebrating a movie 100 days function in Guntur Brahmananda reddy stadium there was huge rain on before day there are lacs of spectators who came to witness the function lost their slippers in mud and the next day three to four lorries of slippers are rescued from that stadium that is Chiru. Once in a Weekly daily the cover page was printed with chiru's face and call him Bigger than Bachan. At one point of time Chiru took the highest remuneration than Rajani and Bachan. In the recent hits of Chiru Indra and Tagore movies so many people had died in theatres for to see first day and first week shows and in Odisha state for Tagore movie one person cut the hand of the Theatre employee for not giving him a ticket.More over Chiru knows only two languages that is Telugu and English unlike Rajani because language is also a barrier to own a person in this diversified country

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    I have to mention one more thing here the most rivals of Andhra people the TRS party supremo and chief minister of Telangana K.C.R daughter Kavitha is die hard fan of Chiru. I think and strongly feel Tamil people first choice should be Kamal and not Rajani.

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    I really wonder with the Tamil, Telugu and Kannadigas who are mad of film and filmstars. It doesn't happen in Kerala or elsewhere. Who knows whether Kabali is going to be box office hit or a flop like most of the other Rajni films. I don't think any lady fan would be interested in Rajni films. Is it necessary that a new film should be viewed on its first day and first show? MAD EMPLOYEES and their MAD EMPLOYERS
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    Actor Rajinikanth has a strong fan base in Tamil Nadu. He is known for his style. He has a fan group in all the ages including children, men and women. Generally Rajini's fans alone will prefer to watch his movie on the first day first show (FDFS) in theaters. But this time the entire crowd is willing to watch the new movie KABALI in theatres, as the movie has created a big expectation among the people.

    When Kabali's crew released the first look of the movie, a craze was created. Then to increase the hype among the fans the crew launched teaser, trailer and songs continuously. All the steps they handled to promote the movie before the launch of the movie was a grand success and so the expectation for the movie went higher and higher. The people of Tamil Nadu are even ready to take an off to watch the FDFS . On seeing the hype among the people, some of the companies has officially announced a holiday and has earned a good satisfactory name among their employees. Even if they didn't announce holiday, the entire office will definitely speak about the movie for the entire day and will not concentrate much on work.

    All these hype are the impact of the promotion.

    Ticket rate for Kabali's FDFS is Rs 600/- and the people are even ready to watch the movie by affording the amount. Their main motto is to watch Kabali on FDFS. The production house will take the hype as an advantage and will definitely earn a good collection in the first 3 days.

    From the past till the present, the craze of the people towards a big star is utilized by the production houses to earn a box office collection and Kabali also satisfies the same.

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    Declaring holiday is just promo. Production Team and the employers who declared holiday might have background understanding. It is win-win situation for both since those employers are startups and they are very much happy to see their name in news and further it could fetch business for them in future.
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    It looks like publicity stunt to give a holiday of the movie release . India today channel is more hyping it . I think they are media partners of the movie
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    Is it a new style of publicity and promotion of the film? I think so.
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    Those who have taken distribution rights also do their own way of promotion.
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    Majority of the Tollywood (Telugu) and Kollywood (Tamil) audience are very interested in movies such that they try to watch first day first show of popular movies. When Kabali teaser is released, it went viral. Until then, I don't even know about that movie. Not only me, many people came to know about it at that time. From then, the hype increased exponentially due to many reasons like tie up with Air Asia, Airtel, Cadbury etc., and one of the most popular south indian actors, Rajinikanth is starring in the film. So, it became the most anticipated movie in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. As the hype is too high, this is happening.

    I think there is no need to do any more promotion for this film. Whether it turns to be a super hit or an utter flop, people will watch it in the first three days. Also, the same happened with Baahubali too. More than 80% of the colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana experienced very low attendance on the day of its release. As there are die hard fans of Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu and the hype surrounding the movie is too high, it is no surprise that this happened.

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    Krishna ,

    I have n't seen any hype for this movie in Andhra and Telangana states because I am travelling between the two capital states very frequently.

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    #572041 (Mr. Bhushan) : I forgot to mention that. The hype is among college students mainly. There are five engineering colleges near the university in which I am studying now. Most of the students in those colleges decided to bunk classes on 22nd July to watch the movie's first day first show. I know this through my friends. I mentioned that hype is high because of this reason and also, almost all the theaters in my city are playing Kabali from July 22 which happened only for Baahubali before.

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    One of my relatives has also booked tickets for the movie for the second day of release.
    I received a joke in WhatsApp today.

    It is that a Bollywood superstar says'I release my movieson...(date) because that is a holiday" . The rejoinder is showing Rajanikant pic as if saying" I release my movie and it becomes holiday".(The core matter of this thread).

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    How many of you are ready to go to see Kabali tomorrow? How many on day after tomorrow or Sunday?
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    Mr. Venkiteswaran, all of my friends are watching the movie tomorrow morning 10:00 AM and some of them even at 07:00 AM. So, I am going to watch it with them at 10:00 AM i.e. first day first show. The interesting point is, there is already a review for this movie in the internet. It says that the first half is awesome, second half is average and climax is bad. I didn't read it but one of my friends told it to me.

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    There are many more products. By the way I don't know as to what it means by the word 'Kabali'.

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    To #572164 (Mr. Kailash Kumar), in Tamil language, Kabali is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The movie is releasing in Telugu and Hindi languages with the same name but there is no such word in Telugu and Hindi (I think). I heard that the movie is based on the real story of a don named Kabali.

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    I would just say it is a mad rush and nothing more than that.

    Being so much attached to the movies and a particular movie star is quite unheard of except in Tamil Nadu and Andhra.

    As for the holidays announced, it is in tune with the public demand. The companies do not want to run into losses by staying open on the day when no employee is attending the work. Declaring a holiday is a practical way of a business strategy.

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    I normally do not watch Tamil movies due to I did not understand the language. Rajnikanth is a good actor also I have seen most of his Hindi movies. But I never understand why Tamil people worship him as God? Is it because they are movie lover or Rajnikanth lover? What ever might be but I am sure whether the movie is going to hit or flop, but it will definitely earn a lot of money as the distribution rights have given with Rs 200 Crore where as the whole movie budget is Rs 160 Crore.
    So what ever happening, holiday, air Asia package those all due to media high lights and media promoting this movie highly, and that will create enthusiasm among viewers to watch this movie. Only after releasing the movie the real review will come to the people.

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