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    How to wash vegetables and fruits the right way?

    Often pesticides are sprayed on the plants during cultivation. Therefore it is likely that the vegetables and fruits which we buy in the market for our consumption may have residues of pesticides on them.
    According to reports, washing with 2% salt water is likely to remove most of the pesticides residues from the surface of the fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits like mangoes, grapes, apples, guava and pears etc. and vegetables like bitter gourd, tomatoes, brinjal and okra etc. are likely to contain more pesticides in their crevices.
    Washing with a 10% solution of vinegar in water or with warm water is also likely to be helpful in removing the contaminants. Peeling the fruit or vegetables also helps in this direction.
    Do you any such other tip to share? In case, yes then share the same with the fellow ISCians.
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    The best way to wash vegetables is with salt. You can first wash vegetables with normal water for 2-3 times and then keep ot in salt water for few minutes. In this way, you can remove the pesticides sprayed on vegetables. The same washing method applies for green leafy vegetables also. Yes, peeling off the skin from vegetables in one method followed to remove the pesticides. But elders usually say that skin has lot of strength in it and consuming it is good. So better to wash vegetables properly and then consume it with the skin.

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    I doubt many house holds never follow the above tips given by the author but they wash the vegetable only with fresh water probably for two or three times. But it seems to be a good tip to be followed in future.
    K Mohan
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    Most people doesn't follow any of these tips. It is better to follow these tips with some others like:
    1) The stickers on the fruits/vegetables are made of edible paper but it is better to remove them.
    2) Cut any bruised or damaged parts of fruits/vegetables as they may act as a gateway for pathogens. Make sure that the tool you use to cut is also clean.
    Some fruits/vegetables washer solutions are already available in the market. It is better to use them if we can't make salt solution or vinegar solution on our own.

    Let us continue learning.

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