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    Do all the restaurants follow strict hygiene level?

    People go to restaurants to have some tasty food and to have a change from normal food they eat at home. No doubt, restaurant food is tasty but do they really maintain hygiene? Restaurants look clean and big but when checked, they lack the hygienity. Recently I was reading and article and some of the confessions made by worker. They say they don't wash the hands properly as they have no time, they don't clean the utensils properly and some even told that if they drop the food on floor even then they pick it and serve to customer. So we can never expect cleanliness from hotels be it a 5 star hotel or a small hotel.
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    Other than three/five star hotels not a single restaurant you found maintaining hygienic. Restaurants with less visitors or specialty like Chinese or continental restaurants may maintain their neatness as per their tasty item and decorum. But small and medium restaurant hotels I've seen in Hyderabad seem clean just in normal eye. I went to famous restaurants like Paradise, Bawarchi in Hyderabad where food, especially Biryani is very delicious but in cleanliness issue they may fail before the star hotels.
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    Here are some facts which I have seen in big restaurants as regards to hygiene and sure after reading this at least members of this site wont go to hotels again.

    The tea glass are not washed as they are dipped in the same water again and again.

    The potato and onion curry is made by pressing with two legs on the huge quantity of potato in a gunny bag

    The masters of the kitchen who are supposed to work under hot before the burning cooking spot do get sweat and that is not cleaned at all and the residue would fall on the preparations.

    Most of the masters of cook never keep their cloths or body clean nor they have bath regularly like us.

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    Hotels, restaurants and eating joints require a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license to operate, but food safety standards are hardly followed. According to the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) , the Indian food services market is expected to grow to Rs 4,08,040 crore by the year 2018.
    With the growing economy, more and more people are now drifting toward eating out. Funnily enough, people know very well about the unhygienic practices prevalent in the outdoor eateries, but still don't relent.
    The 'pani puri' is served with gloved hands, but that ostentatious gesture doesn't necessarily ensure overall adherence to the hygienic norms.

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    Firstly, non star hotels doesn't follow hygiene. The workers don't wash their hands before/after/while preparing food. They sweat during cooking and that sweat falls in the food. The places in which they cook food are very untidy and filled with germs etc,. for sure. There are many such disgusting facts which made me make a decision not to eat food in such places as far as possible. Coming to the star hotels, most of them follow at least some hygiene. Anyways, it is better not to eat food in hotels as far as possible.

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    Not only hotels but no public places are following hygienic measures. In many money minded places the hygienic and clean measures are being taken means they are doing to drain more money only not to serve the public but the others are doing only by carelessness. Once Dr.V.V.Giri, our earlier Prime Minister, ordered that all hotels should clean the vessels and utensils only in hot water. The hotels did followed but after him, just vanished. So, everything cannot be maintained or keep watched through any enforcement but only through self realization.

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    Not at all. Many people go for restaurant because they have no time to cook & busy in work. People should be aware of their health & prefer hygiene food as we know health is wealth.

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    Not every restaurant maintain hygiene level. Most of them are money minded, they don't think about their customers health.

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    Indian restaurants are actually way below the standard of minimum hygienic level. This is a general trend all over the country. This is the main reason for restraining people from entering the kitchen. Only five-star hotels of India maintain standard hygienic level in the kitchens.
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    First and foremost thing, hygiene is an illusion. If you mean hygiene means to clean all the raw materials and wash them with water, that won't make any difference. I acknowledge that in today's world everything is adulterated. So what effect would mere water have on these chemicals. Hygiene is mere imaginary satisfaction.
    This positive effect makes you believe that food at home is safer. Well,the truth is food everywhere is safe.
    Forget about hygiene and you would be the most happiest and healthiest person in the world.

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