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    Sex education: girls are liberal with their mother; boys never with father. Why?

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    I want to discuss this matter completely on sex education or privacy topics which commonly occur in everyone's family. A girl speaks everything to her mother, during periods or privacy matters or anything that hurts her, whereas; boys always keep their matters secret with their family members. They even never express their personal problems with their father also.
    After getting mature or a certain age, girls don't forget their style of meeting, talking, expressing everything to her mother or father. Girls feel parents are everything for them and they have a high regard for them. While boys, after a age group of 12/13, they came home slightly late after school time, don't produce their mark sheet/reports to their parents, never told during any small injuries (they just ignore things), etc. which after going to college became a trend of excusable in every matter.
    It is difficult to notice boys' secret matters like love, affairs, and sexual activities or problems in a family, whereas a girl speaks everything frankly to her mother.
    Why this? Is it common everywhere?
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    I do agree with the author that a daughter shares her secrets and problems in daily life with the mother and at the same time the son wont share the same with the mother. But the main take here is the friends. The boy behaves with his close friends and get to know all the secrets of sex life and he does not feel of having more information from either mother or father. Now a days the cinema, social media and other available information are making them aware about the sex and thus parents need not take so much interest to explain their children. What I feel that there is nothing wrong from the part of the son to ask for any doubts and questions from the father.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    As Mr. K Mohan said above, boys get to know all such things from their friends. When they reach teenage, they know nothing about it and hence are eager to know. There will be one classmate who will be an expert in such matters and he will spread many myths along with facts. All of this is wrong. Also, this is turning into obsession for some boys. So, when a boy reaches his teenage, his father must talk to him about such issues which will be helpful to both i.e. boy won't get spoiled and father doesn't need to worry whether his boy will get spoiled by friends etc,. Some people view this kind of talking as a crime or so. They are just immature.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent question with which the present generation is facing. Proximity of a girl child with her mother is very natural and the bondage of duo gets strong with their intimate discussions in varied topics including the queries of the daughters relating to sex - affairs. May be the daughters have no hesitations because of their frankness. The sons shy away from asking such questions from their fathers because they are familiar with the customs of the societies where such discussions appear forbidden. Very minor issues are not being brought to the knowledge of the parents from the side of sons since these events are discussed and sorted out among the friend circles and for the further clarifications they have different plateforms to tackle the issues.
    I think temperament of both the genders are not the same and because of closeness of the the girl child, she feels more comfortable with the association of her mother and where as the boy seems to be less privileged in this context.

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    Generally the girls discuss reproductive health issues and gynecological problems with their mother. Reproductive health is defined as a state of physical, mental, and social well being in all matters relating to the reproductive system, at all stages of life. Generally fathers are not supposed to be familiar with such issues and even if they know also being a medical professional etc., in conventional Indian system, it is not considered appropriate for a daughter to discuss such issues with the father.
    However in the case of boys, such issues are not involved. Therefore they are not required to discuss such issues with the mother or father.
    However, it is true at the same time that some basic general knowledge should be imparted to the children during their adolescence. Generally the school textbooks provide such basic information.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is nothing just an old tradition. The reason behind in ancient world ( since last 20-30 years also), girls are not allowed to go out side. They do not go to school, college, tuition , work place etc. SO it is obvious they have very less friends. Which cause mother become the closest person of that girl.
    In other way the boy go out side, have lots of friends at different place which makes him to discuss about all these sexual talk, secrets, love affairs etc. So they do not have any doubt to ask to their father. As Girls can not ask any one so mom started guiding from child hood.
    But now days girls are also going out, watching television and internet so no need to asking and also not asking about such things to their mom.
    Now days they are equal with boys also do not taking mom as tehir ebst friend to discuss about love sex etc.

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