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    Why the doors get "fat" during rainy season ?

    While we welcome the rainy season as it will provide enough water for next one year, but at the same time our doors are getting affected. Often it is found that they get "fat" during rainy season probably with the wetness. Being a lay man I want the learned members of this site to come up with apt explanation and that should be the understanding level of all. And please note that as soon as the rainy season is over, the same doors regains their normal position. Hence I am asking apt response from the members.
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    Doors swell during monsoon because they are made of wood which is porous. There are invisible crevices in the plywood or even solid wood using which door panels are made. Even in case of metal doors, often the door frames are made of wood only.
    During monsoon, when the atmosphere is laden with water vapors, such doors absorb moisture and get swelled. This happens more in the newly constructed house where doors etc. are newly installed.
    Generally varnish etc. is provided as a protective layer and some gap is also left between the door panel and the door frame to take care for the swelling/expansion. However, it depends on the experience and expertise of the carpenter and quality of the wood/material used.
    One has to use sand paper to rub the edges if the swelling is nominal. Sometimes it happens, if the doors are not fixed properly and the hinges are loose.
    Generally most of the people have limited budget while constructing houses and tend to use inferior/cheap quality of material as well as carpenters of average caliber which leads to such problems later.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mohan sir, Kailash Ji's answer would be correct.Hope in that reason only the railway lines have some gap at some distance to equal the expansion.
    In the meantime, I would say one thing, when our gate (made of Iron grills)make sound while opening or closing in the rainy seasons, many of us told to put some oil in the hinges to lest the sound. But my small school going brother's daughter (aged 12)told not to put oil as the sound alerts about the incoming person. It may be correct in that way also. Is it not?

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    Doors made of wood like Teak etc and of the core part of Jackfruit tree not get 'puffed up' in rainy season.
    However in present day most furniture are made of plywood which is many thin layers of wood peel pressed and glued together. There is wood powder filling inside them between layers. Hence in rainy seasons humidity or water drops get stuck in the small porous gaps easily. This wets the wood and they just get puffed up.

    The weight of those light doors become more and doors 'hang' down. This makes an imbalance in the clearance gaps from frames and hinges and doors get stuck up and difficult to open and close.

    One should not resort to filing edges to make them less 'fat'. If done, during summer the wood may become very dry and back to thin size. That will leave extra gap and doors may not be effectively closing. When doors get stuck up, apply talcum powder or caroms board powder on edges and then slowly try opening and closing a few times. If needed apply more powder. Remove the powder when that gets humid and sticky and apply fresh dry powder.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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