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    Do you think the latest technology knowledge is incorporated in Mahabharata scripture?

    There is a famous quotation in Sanskrit saying
    Yadhi hasthi thadhanyatra;Yane hasthi na thatvakachvit' means whatever is in the world it is in Mahabharata what is not there in Mahabharata it is not there in the world. I had a doubt the latest technology what we are using all these things are there in Mahabarata. Do you believe that modern technological innovations like smartphones , laptops and other things also there in Mahabarata scripture.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    One thing is abundantly clear that almost all of the technology products which we are using nowadays in our day to day life has not been invented in the medieval or modern India. Therefore it doesn't make much sense if our scriptures mention about the same or not. With due regard to the religious sentiments of the concerned individuals, the fact remains that the scriptures are only a product of imaginative and creative human authors. The only appreciation, they deserve is the fact that even several thousands years ago they were able to have such an astonishing and imaginative idea.
    Consider car, train, airplane, television, smartphone, computer, refrigerator, air conditioner and many such other electronic or mechanical gadgets. None of the same ere invented in India. We are just playing the second fiddle to the western world in science and technology.
    In absence of any concrete scientific evidence, I don't believe that any of the technology products were available in the era of Mahabharata.

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    Bushan Ji, not only latest technology but many things used in the present era are derived from our purana period epics only.There are many things inherited in our earlier puranas and this can be understand only by those who read with involvement.
    have seen sculptures in Belur/Halabedu of our Karnataka State that depicts the Rama Ravana War in which war people holding missiles, Telescope on the shoulders. From this we can understand the both were in use during that period. If people do not believe the epics like
    ramayana/mahabharata, they can believe that the idea on use of missiles,telescope were in the mind of persons who did the sculptures that too during 1700 years ago.Mere hearing or reading will not touch our present generation unless otherwise they see in person.

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    Most probably, no. The output of science may be involved but not the science itself. To support my statement, consider this example. It takes some time for scientists to calculate solar eclipses, lunar eclipses etc,. But, each one of them are exactly described in some religious books. We all know that there are no laws of gravity etc,. in vedas or epics but there are the outputs we obtain from laws of gravity etc,. I personally love all the epics because of their content. Don't take me bad but when compared to stories in movies, novels etc., the stories in epics are 100 times better.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I concur with Kailash sir the imaginative thinking is there for example Maya dharpanam or maya darshini(which is like a small laptop) where Lord Sri Krishna shows what is happening in another location for his family mates with his magic stick.
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    One example I would like to state here which amply testifies the modern technology which we are claiming to the best was existing during Mahabharat period. When the war was on and the Dhridharastra could not see the same due to his vision block out, he takes the help of Sanjay who can see the things that is happening there from the palace and thus able to give minute to minute details to the King. Here you can link this caliber of Sanjay to the live telecast which is being used by the media for every small occasion to highlight the matter. So it is clear from the happenings in Mahabharatha that they had introduced this modern technology then itself.
    K Mohan
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    When I get to see many many new inventions and discoveries in the present age and the narrations similar to them exist in the Mahabharata and Ramayana , it makes me believe that our ancestors were far more civilised and had technology in use then.
    If some one says that they were just imaginations and fiction, I wonder how one author can have such large number of practicable imaginations and vision when he is not a scientist or technologist?

    And the very interesting thing and only glaring irony I find in them is the lack of printing and copying. That itself means that whatever we see narrated in them are actually available then. Otherwise printing and copying was also to be narrate. They had even cloning technology, but not printing and photocopying technology.

    The communication technology was also different and more in the form of physical carriage. The virtual faster radiation communication was available only to specially empowered people. Had all that been imaginations, they could have imagined many more things.

    But just tell me what more new our 'intelligent-techie' world has invented?

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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