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    Why our movies are heavily depending on "Dishum, dishum"sound in fighting scenes ?

    One of my friend asked me as to why our Indian movies are not getting Oscars and other International awards though we are making some good films ? For that what I said that we lack the reality and our films are not shown the real happenings in life. For example in fighting scenes we use the sound dishum, dishum and we are hearing this sound in almost every film irrespective of the language. Whereas the fighting scenes in foreign movies are very realistic and they use the natural sound that emanates from the spot. That is the reason being so even some good films are not getting National awards ?
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    Movies won Oscar Award are given on various reasons. Old movies always have the same sound system as you said, both in Indian cinema and western movies. However, the technology changed vastly in Hollywood movies. They really make films as a dream project; which I think very rare in Indian cinema. Indian cinemas are mixed with masalas. Nowadays, the sound of Dishum..dishoom lessened as compared to old movies.
    Why Indian movies failed in Oscar means in lot of grounds. Deepa Mehta makes very simple movies with hot topic and less budget, clicks internationally and won several awards. Whereas movies Lagaan fails in Oscar. This is because, directors focus on subject and budget, but makes some silly mistakes due to which they fails. The Lagaan movie failed in Oscar because the cricket players in that movie wore Reebok shoes, which's not born at that time.

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    Nowadays the movies are an audio visual product. Therefore both the audio as well as visual effects play its role in enabling the movies to have fat box office collections. Initially there used to be silent feature films e.g. the historical Raja Harishchandra produced by the legendary Dadasaheb Phalke which was released more than 100 years ago in the year 1913. The first Indian sound film/talkie , was Alam Ara which was produced by Ardeshir Irani and released in the year 1931. There used to be live archestra in the era of silent movies and the musicians used to play instruments during the show.
    There are professional music directors which provide background music also besides composing music for lyrics etc. There is 'Best Music Director' category also in Filmfare awards. Maximum number of 10 awards in this category has so far been won by A. R. Rahman followed by 7 awards of Laxmikant Pyarelal and 2 awards of Anu Malik.
    In the year 1954 Naushad Ali won the award for his immortal song 'tu ganga ki mauj' of the movie Baiju Bawra.

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