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    Rajya Sabha allowed children below 14 to be engaged in ‘home-based work’.

    On Tuesday 19th July 2016, a bill was passed in Rajya Sabha as children below 14 can be taken as 'home-based work' instead of any kind of labour/worker/profession. This home based work should not cause or related to any hazardous occupations and processes; against which the violator may be jail for six month to one year and fined with Rs. 20,000-50,000/-. Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said there shouldn't be any 'employer-employee equation', only home-based work. However, some home based works like 'beedi making's is hazardous and non-hazardous work like agriculture is somehow dangerous, as chemicals used there.
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    The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986 prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years in hazardous occupations. There is a list of 64 industries which are declared as hazardous and it is a criminal offence to employ children below the age of 14 years in such industries. During the ongoing monsoon session, the Rajya Sabha passed the Child Labour Bill, thereby bringing in few amendments in the law of 1986. It now allows the children below 14 years of age to take part in 'home-based work', such as helping their families in forests and fields though prohibition on their employment in 'professions' is continuing.
    However, the children between the ages of 14 and 18 are defined as 'adolescents' and are permitted to be employed in any profession besides the 'hazardous occupations and processes' listed in the law of 1986. The amended law also provides for enhanced punishment for violators.
    Incidentally, the five states of India i.e. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra account for more than 50 per cent of the child labour.

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    I don't know why such a bill is passed. In my opinion, it is better not to allow children less than 14 years of age to be engaged in a work even if it is home based. Such children don't know much and they will be cheated by their employers by giving very less salary etc,.

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    I just cannot understand the motive of the government to give permission to the children less than 14 years of age to be engaged in works inside the home. On the one hand the labour department is searching for the child labour and punishing heavily on the person who engaged them and on the other hand the government itself is giving nod for non hazardous works that can be given to little children which can fetch them some earnings. In old city of Hyderabad, the little children are already being employed in famous Charminar glass bangles and they are very much under paid. And with this order, they will be further harassed by the employers.
    K Mohan
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    #572045 - Perhaps the ISCians are not required to study the full text of the amendment bill. We are discussing the issue in general which is based on information shared by news papers and television channels.
    One such resource has reported that the children below the age of 14 can work for their family enterprise or farms only after school hours or during holidays.
    As a matter of fact the children are otherwise also working in their family businesses, whether there is a law regarding the same or not.

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