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    Brazilian Football (they love winning) V/s Indian Hockey (it’s just a national game)

    Brazilians do not love sports, they don't care about Olympics; they just love winning. Football is everything for them and it explains their sports culture world widely. A famous Brazilian Anthropologist wrote, 'Football is the vehicle for a series of dramatisations of our society'. It is not a simply game; it is a cultural bridge between all the differentiations of caste, creed and religion in their country.
    Why not the same feeling in Indians for their national game Hockey? What we must learn from them is the winning spirit in their blood. We must perceive the same thing in every school and college. I am not intending for only Hockey; whichever it may be must a 'winning mentality' not just a game.
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    Every country has some of its favourite games or sport. No need to mention that in India cricket is favoured among other sports. I think it's the passion for the game among all the individuals & the infrastructure available is the main factor for the success of any sport.
    I believe in India to learn and play cricket we don't need much of infrastructure, but surely when it comes to professional level, yes it need the infrastructure. Almost every indian is aware about the rules & how the games played as far as cricket is concerned, so it becomes easy for us to play it.

    Let me tell you about Hokey, it is not the National game of India. Yes, it is true. Most of the Indian believe that hockey is National game of India but it is not. This particular sport requires great skills and fitness levels. Not many of the people are aware of the rules and the regulations of the game, which makes it difficult to make popular among the people.

    If you see about kabaddi, its rules are simple and many of the Indians play this sport since it does not require any special infrastructure. In a very short span it has become the popular sport nowadays.

    More than popularity I believe the passion for the game is important, understanding it & developing oneself for it, is the most important factor.

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    Yes, India has that sort of quality and eagerness but not in hockey they have in Cricket, sometimes I think that why India don't make her national sport, cricket instead of hockey. And if they don't want to make then the people should be more bothered about hockey instead of cricket. As we have seen that, India don't bothered about winning a match or losing a match in hockey but the people are more bothered about cricket and in this form of game people want to see India only winning and if they loss, we all know what's gone a happen.
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