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    Are you waiting for Mozambique dals / pulses?

    Mozambique a small country less than the area of Punjab with 3 times poorer is agreed to export 1lakh quintal of dal to India this year. Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister to visit Mozambique in 34 years because of dals for Indians. Even though India is a lead producer of pulses but it is insufficient for us. Mozambique signed contract to supply 1lakh tonnes of pulses in 2016-17 which is around 0.5% of India's production.
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    India is also toying with the idea of growing dal in Mozambique and Myanmar. Teams of officials are being sent to Mozambique and Myanmar for exploring the possibilities and assessing the feasibility. It will be an unique experiment, first of its kind when India will take agricultural land on lease in foreign countries. The unrelenting and exponential population growth and increasing shortage of agricultural land cannot be exposed in a more revealing manner by such policy decisions.
    Incidentally, India is world's leading dal producer, with 22% of the global output. Despite above, India is presently importing dal from total 60 countries worldwide.
    Besides failed monsoon, insufficient irrigation, faulty marketing policies etc, one of most important reason behind the scenario is the fact that the India's pulses productivity is among the lowest in the world. Myanmar produces twice and Egypt four times, what India produces per acre.

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