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    What measures are likely to enhance retention of newly joined members of ISC?

    Percentage wise, retention of newly joined members of ISC is abysmally low. It appears that most of new members join ISC on getting attracted by its catch phrase - 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn'. However, they continue for sometime and then disappear soon.
    Many steps are taken by the ISC management to retain the newbies e.g. by not being too harsh on them on factors like quality of their language etc. as they are supposed to be in the learning phase. Often they are encouraged by awarding prizes like TOW awards, star of the week award or star of the month of the award etc. However since the next crop of newbies join in the meantime, it never becomes possible to continue the award spree to the previous crop of newbies and therefore they discontinue after sometime.
    Being an ardent ISCians, I wish to discuss the measures which are likely to enhance the retention of new members of ISC.
    What are your views/comments regarding the subject matter?
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    ISC Editorial members are always looking after this. They sent direct messages also if any newbie found with good knowledge but does mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. ISC is a platform for learn and learn only. Earning is just an optional to capture the members with some attractive gifts or money. The TOW and Monthly awards are like that which were given for one's best performance in any subject.
    Six years back when I post an article in the article was reviewed 7 times by the editors; to change like this, correct this, that, etc. and then it got published. New members should always have a learning mentality. Not in ISC, wherever you go if you're new to that then you need to learn a lot and participate accordingly. The prizes and rewards will come automatically.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    In my opinion, many people join ISC for earning rather than for learning. Its a fact that earning from ISC is a bit less. So, they stop contributing after some time. When I became a member of ISC, I read that a payment will be announced only if Rs. 1000 or above are earned. So, I wanted to become a gold member, earn 1000 rupees and stop contributing. But, some things in ISC attracted me. So, I am still contributing and won't stop until situations demand to. I am sure that the people who become members of ISC for learning will definitely be regular.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I suggest the following to retain the new members.

    1. ISC should award Rs. 100/- as a welcome sum to any member joining the site, to get attracted.
    2. ISC should award Rs. 500/- as and when a member reaches Gold level. (0.50 paise per point)
    3. ISC should award Rs. 1000/- as and when a member reaches Diamond level. ( 0.10 paise per point)
    4. ISC should award Rs. 2500/- as and when a member reaches Platinum level. (0.05 paise per point)

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun (#572035) - Though there is no such formal system of welcoming/rewarding members with certain specified amounts, but often the newbie flee after getting star awards etc. showered upon them on merit basis in the beginning.
    Perhaps there may be some initial probation period for newbies before they are rewarded in cash.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think the new members who are joining here should have been well informed about the working style of this site and the earning potential if they were regular. The introducing member must know all the details before joining and that would be lasting. Normally new members are under the impression that points are the indication of amount earned here and they also getting it wrong that for being the first person to respond they earn money. Surely ISC do give chance to earn money for first responder but that would be through adsense. One thing is sure, those who have the inclination and zeal to learn something, they would surely join and stick here.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There is nothing wrong if a newbie is awarded Rs. 100/- as welcome sum. The member cannot move away with Rs. 100/- but has to work hard to earn points to receive his minimum payout. The newbie would feel fresh after having received Rs. 100/- without any hard work. This will attract the new bee to suck the honey from ISC.

    No life without Sun ¤

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